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In this category you can leave feedback and suggestions for bugs and features on e-liquid-recipes.com and for this forum.

Here you can also request new categories.

You’re also welcome to use the Feedback-form on your ELR “My page”!

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Daath is there an option you can think of for the recipe page to have a quick retrieval of deleting recipes. Also a click the box and drag option. A lot of times I end up have to delete recipes ( after I write them down of course ) to get my page manageable. I like some of my older recipes but there is no option of bringing them forward. Unless I adapt them but then I’d have Duplicates I suppose. Also on " my page " where your favorite recipes are how do you delete one ? And could there be an option to " follow " a particular mixer more like a friend or buddy? Of course you may want to see if the person wants a " buddy or friend " an would accept the following ?


Hi daath;
I have a suggestion I would really like to see. As you know many threads get way off subject after someone mentions another thread. Suddenly the thread is all about the mentioned thread and way off subject. Today I wanted to avoid this and realized that we do not have the ability to reply but it go to another thread of your choosing. I don’t know how easy this would be for you but I think you know that it would be a real plus if it is feasible. It would definitely tone down off subject comments if people would use it…What do you think?


Hey @daath I noticed today that the 5 star rating isn’t registering some people’s ratings, not really a big issue for me personally but I thought I would bring it to your attention.
I know Amy and 1 other tried to give a 5 star on my citrus Cananga today and it didnt register, so it was just put in the comments-
I’m not a star hunter or anything but on this particular recipe it would be nice as to get some more mixers to share in the goodness :wink:


Yes, the recipe scoring is not immediate - It’s quite an intense task to calculate, so it’s only done once in a while. New ratings should show up eventually though :smile:


Oh ok my mistake, sorry to bother;-) thanks!


@daath how difficult would it be to be able to delete other people’s comments that they leave on your recipe page?
Say, for example, you have someone that is repeatedly leaving comments on your recipes and then they start promoting their own business on your recipe pages (or anything that doesn’t belong) and you would like to remove said comments?
Is that something you agree with implementing if it’s possible? I’m curious if it is possible for somethings I’m experiencing and I know of a few others that are curious as well~

Of course it’s not the end of the world if it is not possible :wink:

Thanks Lars!!


Absolutely. I’ve removed a few comments because of that - or people calling each other names :stuck_out_tongue:

On my todo list is flagging of comments. I am even considering allowing the recipe author to delete comments on their own recipes, although I’m still undecided about that.

If you stumble over any suspicious/annoying/promotion comments, feel free to throw me a link using email or the feedback on ELR’s “My page” :smile:


EXACTLY what I want! I don’t want to be so rude that I flag it (unless it’s inappropriate) but I just kinda want to make them kinda disappear without a trace or anyone knowing they were ever there…putting their own personal deals they have at their own personal vape shop on my own personal recipe page…I mean I’m just using that for an example :wink:

Seriously though it is starting to look like I may need that option soon if it becomes avail

Thanks lars


Hi @daath ! All of a sudden there seems to be a problem with the ELR forum where it is having problems displaying new unread comments, possibly new topics as well though not sure on that one. As I said it no longer tells me of new Unread Comments, but, if I click on the Latest then back to the unread, they will display correctly. What’s up with that?


Weird. I’m constantly updating it, so I hope it will start acting properly again :smile:

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Made a new recipe today and it said; PG/VG-ratio: 14/87, that makes it 101%


I’ve noticed that with the likes as well. You see 1 like, click on it to see who liked it and there are 3 or more people who liked it. Weird.

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Hidden fractions rounding up :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll fix it at some point, but it’s not important enough to me ;D


There is a problem with comments on recipes, there are no notifications send. I check my spam daily because a lot of things end up there and I do get notifications of comments on the forum, but not on recipes. I’m not the only one who doesn’t. Is this the normal procedure for this or is there something wrong?


The system that is being used for the Gravatar images is being blocked by Avast antivirus. Pages now continue to try to constantly load whenever a user’s avatar was not uploaded by the user themselves.

Notice where the gravatar will no longer load. If Avast is blocking it, I do not trust this feature on ELR…


Hi, as from today, everytime I try to go to the main ELR site, I get redirected to luckymobi.bid site, and can’t access my recipes, or any part of the main site…anyone else getting this. Any suggestions?


Lars, I think I have a simple request that would really help the physical placement of my flavors (in meatspace). Each one of my trays holds 36, so if I know the number of the flavor in my stash I know where it should be in a base36 tray numbering system, lol.

My request is as follows Say I have 370 total flavors in my stash, either 1…370 or maybe a bit fancier: 1/370, 2/370 etc…? I know you’re super busy with plenty of to-dos so I’m not holding my breathe, but I thought I’d ask. I’m just pasting into Excel for now :slight_smile:


So something like a field on the flavor details page that lets you put in some sort of ID number?


I’d prefer that the flavors shift numbers than a number be locked to a flavor, so really it’s just as simple as a numbered alphabetical list. If when my flavors were listed out and, say #37 is Bilberry. If I added, say almond inw then Bilberry would slip to #38.

The utility is that my trays only have so many slots (I am a geek so I really am numbering them in base36) so it’s not like the available positions change and they’re already numbered, so I need a solution. I would have to move everything around each time I added a flavor, maybe it would just be best to have an inventory location field that defaulted as base10 in order, but could be anything?

I dunno, I’m just at a point that my stash is so complicated to navigate (I knock stuff over constamtly) that I don’t want to mix. I think the trays I bought will help, but I’ve had trouble figuring out what goes where, losing track of 370+ bottles and where they go on one of a dozen trays…