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Welcome to legendgadget, http://www.legendgadget.com/ the one stop online vape shop for over 6 years,Quality e-cigarettes, premium e-liquid and e-cig accessories are all available on legendgadget,and free shipping worldwide.

We update newest products quickly,and often have flash sale activities on some hot items,so please keep an eye on legendgadget to enjoy the real discount,happy vaping !




I see yall have some popular clones, and very good prices. Normally I would go through Fasttech but there shipping times can be hit and miss. I guess we will see how well you do. I do believe I will order a couple things I have had my eye on, Then I will come back and let every body know how good or bad your service is. I must say, my hopes are high


Thank you very much !

Oooooooohhh Pretty…

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You like it ? :smile:

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Hello everyone one,
Legendgadget flash sale coming !

  1. SXK Petri RTA 24K gold plated Vape Tank
    15% Off, only $18.62+freeshipping

  2. 2000mAh eGo Now 40W E-cigarette Battery
    30% Off,$10.85+freeshipping

  3. Popular 18650 eGo Now-T 60W TC Mod
    15% Off,$10.63+freeshipping

  4. SXK Rose3 RTA Rebuildable Vape Tank
    15% Off,Only $16.58+freeshipping !

Period and limit flash sale,good luck to you !

[Weenkend Sale]

  1. Variable Voltage Vision Spinner 3s CVT Top Twist USB Passthrough Kit , 15% Off,$16.92+freeshipping

  2. USB Passthrough Vision Spinner 3s CVT Top Twist 1600mAh Battery , 15% Off, $9.1 +freeshipping

Sale time: Oct.15-17th
Check them out on http://www.legendgadget.com/

[New Product]
Dear customers,
Legendgadget has new product again - SXK Ultron Ares 26650 70W Stabilized Wood TC Mod

Material:Stabilized Wood
TC mode: Ti / Ni / SS
Supporting 3 working modes: Mech/Watt/TC
Max Output Watts: 70W
510 threading connection
Size: 894834mm
Powered by a single 26650 battery
Micro-USB charging port
SXK & Ultron 70W Chip
Color:Mix Color
Check it out on www.legendgadget.com

And please don’t miss our weekend sale,enjoy the discount,enjoy vaping !

[New Arrival]

Dear customers,

Today i have some new coiling tools to share.

  1. Demon Killer 7-in-1 Violence Coil Set, $10.5+freeshipping

  2. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 Framed Clapton Coil, $6.6+freeshipping

  3. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 316L Stainless Steel Clapception Coil,$6.6+freeshipping

  4. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 & 316L Stainless Steel Tri-twisted Clapton Coil ,$6.6+freeshipping

  5. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 316L Stainless Steel Spaced clapton coil,$6.6+freeshipping

  6. Demon Killer Staple Staggered Fused Coil , $6.6+freeshipping

  7. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 Tsuka Coil , $6.6+freeshipping

  8. Demon Killer Kanthal A1 316L Stainelss Steel Alien V2 Coil, $6.6+freeshipping

Come and check them out on www.legendgadget.com


Dear customers,
E-liquid is available on legendgadget Now :wink:

Hangsen E-liquid
30ml /50ml
eJuice base:70%PG+30%VG , 80%PG+20%VG
Strength: 24mg/18mg/12mg/6mg/0mg

  • Normal Flavor :Tobacco/Drinks/Mint/Fruits/Others
  • USA favors
  • Hookah flavors
    genuine E-liquid,amazing price and freeshipping

Come and check them out: http://www.legendgadget.com/76-hangsen-e-liquid


[Hangsen E-liquid]

Hangsen Regular Flavor E-liquid
-Tobacco Flavor:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/611-30ml-hangsen-tobacco-e-liquid.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/624-50ml-hangsen-tobacco-e-liquid.html (50ml)

-Drink Flavor:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/612-30ml-hangsen-drink-flavor-e-liquid.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/623-50ml-hangsen-drinks-e-liquid.html (50ml)

-Fruit Flavor:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/613-30ml-hangsen-fruit-flavor-e-liquid.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/621-50-ml-hangsen-fruit-flavors-e-liquid.html (50ml)

-Mint Flavor:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/614-30ml-hangsen-mint-and-menthol-e-liquid.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/625-50ml-hangsen-mint-and-menthol-e-liquid.html (50ml)

-Other Flavor:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/615-30ml-hangsen-other-flavors-e-liquid.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/622-50ml-hangsen-other-flavors-e-liquid.html (50ml)

Hangsen USA Flavor E-liquid:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/633-usa-flavor-hangsen-e-liquid-30ml.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/632-usa-flavor-hangsen-e-liquid-50ml.html (50ml)

Hangsen Exclusive Flavor E-liquid:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/636-hangsen-exclusive-flavor-e-liquid-30ml.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/637-hangsen-exclusive-flavor-e-liquid-50ml.html (50ml)

Hangsen Hookah Flavor E-liquid:
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/635-hookah-flavor-hangsen-30ml.html (30ml)
http://www.legendgadget.com/hangsen-e-liquid/634-hookah-flavor-hangsen-50ml.html (50ml)

Welcome to check them out: www.legendgadget.com

[Halloween Sale] :grinning:
Dear customers,
Legendgadget has a flash sale for the Halloween.

Authentic Wotofo Twisted Tripple Mechanical Box Mod ,15% off ,Only $25.97+freeshipping.

Authentic Wotofo Conqueror RTA Vape Tank , 15% off, Only $22.04+freeshipping .

Authentic Innokin Endura T18 Vape Tank , 15% Off, Only $7.78+freeshipping.

Authentic Innokin Prism T22 Vape Tank , 15% Off, Only $8.39+freeshipping.

Have a happy Halloween !

[Halloween Sale]

  1. SUBVOD Vape Pen 15% off,Only $15.3+freeshipping !
  2. rDNA 60W 15% off,Only $36.38+freeshipping !
  3. Authentic Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 150W/200W TC Mod ,10% off+freeshipping
  4. Original Kanger Protank 4 Vape Tank ,15% off ,only $20.4+freeshipping !
  5. Authentic Wotofo Twisted Tripple Mechanical Box Mod ,15% off , Only $25.97+freeshipping
  6. Authentic Wotofo Conqueror RTA Vape Tank, 15% off, Only $22.04+freeshipping
  7. Authentic Innokin Endura T18 Vape Tank , 15% Off, Only $7.78+freeshipping.
  8. Authentic Innokin Prism T22 Vape Tank , 15% Off, Only $8.39+freeshipping.

Hangsen E-liquid

Price low to $3.5 + freeshipping on www.legendgadget.com

Come and check them out -> http://www.legendgadget.com/76-hangsen-e-liquid

Dear customers,
from now on, we legendgadget will often have promotion activities,please keep an eye on legendgadget to enjoy the big discount. let’s begin :

Authentic SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Vape Tank , $8 off, now $28.50+freeshipping is available

Eleaf iStick 100W Variable Voltage/ Wattage APV Box Mod , 10% off, $28.8+freeshipping

Joyetech eGo ONE Sub Ohm 2200mAh Starter Kit,15% off,$17.77 +freeshipping now !

Powerful EGO ONE Mega Starter Kit , 14% off,$22.53+freeshipping now !

[Monday Sale]

Kanger White/Black Subtank Mini V2 Tank Atomizer,15% off, $10.71+freeshipping now !

Aerotank Mega Clear Atomizer,15% off, only $9.01 +freeshipping now !

EVOD CE4 Express Kit , the best christmas gift for smokers Only $4.0+freeshipping

EGO CE4 Express Kit ,the best Christmas gift for new vapors, only $3.8+freeshipping

Dear customers,
Today i want to share something that you maybe interested in.

Upgrade Vaporshark rDNA 60W Large Screen TC Box Mod ,$42.8+freeshipping

Vaporshark rDNA 60W Temperature Control Box Mod , on sale now - $36.38+freeshipping

Authentic Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Vape Mod ,$25.65+freeshipping

V8 - T8 0.15ohm Coil Head For Smok TFV8 ,$4.2+freeshipping

50ml Hangsen Drinks E-liquid,$4.8+freeshipping

USA Flavor Hangsen E-liquid 30ml ,$4.2+freeshipping

Hangsen Exclusive Flavor E-liquid 30ml,$4.2+freeshipping

I purchased some items from yall almost 4 weeks ago… still waiting… you do have some decent prices and free shipping but 4 weeks is a pretty long wait, imo. normally i buy from my own country just for thhis reason. my point is why should i change vendors? maybe you have real good customer service. We shall see, be sure I will find out.

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Hi Dan,
Could you offer your order number on legendgadget ?
I’ll find what happen.