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Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors Nationwide Introduced In Congress


Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors Nationwide Introduced In Congress


Man they really like that cigarette money.


That “article” is about as worthless as tits on a bull.

The jackass who wrote it is more biased about ‘which party’ they can blame, than the fucking point of the article it seems. :roll_eyes:

While they conveniently ‘overlook’ the fact that in the second paragraph they said:

It chaps my ass when idiots like this want to further divide the vaping community and create infighting amongst it (thanks to the folks who still think that there are two distinctly different party systems in this day and age) rather than unite to accomplish the goal of the vaping community.

Party lines have been blurred for at least two decades… So that whole aspect is a farce IMO.

Regardless, the take away from this is something we need to be aware of, so thanks for that!


Many thanks for the information. There was a time when laws were intended to be respected and obeyed. Why waste US taxpayers money on unenforceable worldwide practices. The next law will have to condemn the descriptions spun sugar and sweet fruit flavors. When does this nonsense stop?
“To me, there is no legitimate reason to sell any product with names such as cotton candy or tutti fruitti, unless you are trying to market it to children,” DeGette, a Democrat, said in a statement Monday. “Most experts agree that the kid-friendly flavors that e-cigarette manufactures are selling with these products are one of the leading causes of this spike in use among our high school and middle school students.”


Did you ever notice how the infringement of rights tastes worse when its applied to you. There never has been a true 2 party system just an illusion to keep the masses entertained as they enact their wants, piece by piece. But alas it is for your own good. OY VEY


Another useless round of horse shit from our simple minded morons in guberment. And I pay for this? I would much rather pay them to be on welfare where the couldn’t randomly pick things to fuck up.


LOL… Then they’d raise welfare.
(You know, since they set the precedent for voting in your own pay increase and all…)


I’d still be far ahead. No hords of flavor popo to hire. No gangles of lawyers to pay to implement new useless laws. No new administrative task force to manage the war on flavors. No increased border security to intercept illegal flavor traffic. No increased incarceration rate due to evil flavor users. Hell, I would be ahead to double their salary to just stay home and get drunk and stoned.


Thank You my friend … This attack isnt one party or another so everyone can curb that bullshit , it both the D’s and the R’s … Stay far away from letting them suck us into the BS that ends up always dividing ( politics) smh ty ROB …


You know what really chaps my hide about this? There is absolutely no way to contact DeGette unless you’re a constituent and live in Colorado! I just went hunting for a way to reply to the ludicrous assertion that ‘flavors’ can only be intended to appeal to underage vapers. I’m a vaper in my mid 40s… I quit smoking after 18 years, and have been cigarette free for 9 years thanks to ‘flavors’… I haven’t even attempted to vape tobacco flavors since year one. My guy is cig free for 8 years… and we actually met 6 years ago when he was living cross country from me on a vape forum, ECF. Our roommate is at high risk for a multitude of cig related illnesses, smoked for over 25 years, and just quit ‘combustible’ cigs a year and a half ago, due to ecigs. He’s had two major neck surgeries in the last 4 mos… they would certainly have been more dangerous had he still been smoking cigs. I’m currently vaping Joshua Vapes’ recipe for “Lemon Meringue Cheesecake”, waffling between that and a commercial juice called “Open Road”… Rice Krispie Treats drizzled with Caramel by my fave juice vendor The Sauce LA. My guy is vaping Elcrasho’s recipe for ‘Sweet Mango/Peaches and Cream’, and our roommate is guzzling Djvapes “Neptunes Nectar Clone”, strawberry and banana cream. Oh yeah, DeGette… CLEARLY flavors only appeal to kiddies. Frig&%$##($& unbelievable. Question. Has anyone actually READ this legislation? No chance it would affect our ability to buy DIY supplies or flavors, right? Losing commercial flavors would suuuuuuck, though.


My experience with contacting legislators is dismal. I most often get a robo response declaring the beatitudes of the legislation I am opposed to followed by plea for a donation. These freaks live in an impenetrable bubble.


right??? A bubble is absolutely accurate. A bubble preventing any knowledge or influence that doesn’t come directly from their upperclass bougie conservative surroundings. Really pisses me off. I used to be a bit of an ‘armchair activist’, and spent hours each week circulating petitions etc… but I’ve had the same experience.No reply except a ‘we’re hearing you!’ bull-pucky auto response. Grrr. Well, I’m praying someone in the vape community with more energy than I do starts some sort of response to this. I’ll definitely pitch in. I think we need ALL the commercial juice vendors to INUNDATE this broad and her committee with receipts and age verif for ALL of our purchases, showing her that ‘tutti fruity’ or whatever nonsense she’s spouting actually DOES appeal to adult vapers. Frakkin taxpayers, even. Sheesh.


maybe a letter will help that begins with this

Dear Democrats,

we understand you are trying your best to look good and attack teens smoking cigarettes. and a few vaping… that’s all well and good… but leave our flavors alone or we will all vote for trump in 2020 and encourage our friends and family to vote for trump also…

well im note good at writing but something along those lines…


send those hypocrites a bottle of this…