Lemo 3 RBA Atomizer... Knockoff?

I don’t see much difference from the Lemo 2. I was hoping for a dual coil version.

Lemo 3 RBA Atomizer Electronic Cigarette 4ml Vaporizer with Airflow Control - See more at: http://www.vapingcool.com/lemo-3-rba-atomizer-electronic-cigarette-4ml-vaporizer-with-airflow-control.html#sthash.vr7T9ya0.dpuf

We have some good dual coil RTAs - I think a single coil one is good :slight_smile: Though I agree, it would have been cool to see a dual coil Lemo 3!

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I gave my Lemo 2 another shot today with a 22g Ti build. It’s not much improvement to me. Some say they get plenty flavor from it. I just don’t get much flavor at all.

I had to dump my first tank because there was no flavor. I reloaded it with my most flavorful mix and it’s just ok.

I’m such a heavy vaper that singles don’t quite cut it for me. Even the Crown and the TFV4 single coil rba are just ok to me.

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i saw the Lemo 3 a while back and was suspicious as i saw it on one of the sites popular for knockoffs, so i dug around only to confirm that it was, in fact, a knockoff…
so, on that note, when you posted this, i was prompted to look again…i went to all the eleaf sites looking for Lemo 3 and was completely unable to find anything on the Lemo3…
i am a Lemo fan and trust me, i know, i mean, i KNOW they can do better, especially after the release of tanks like the Crown, TFV4 and the Billow v2…
so i question the validity of the tank posted here…
no offense @Pro_Vapes, you know i got top respect for you…

It’s the first I’ve seen of it. I’m not certain either. FT has a knockoff…

I did notice Eleaf was nowhere to be seen either - Not like them…

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I saw it here… I’m not sure if it’s valid. It seems that it is a knockoff. Most sites will say if it’s a clone, that’s why I thought it was original. My bad…


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i didnt intend any disrespect, i just didnt want you mislead and i definitely didnt want you spreading any false info and looking bad…

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None taken, I’m glad you spotted it. They are obviously mislabeling a clone trying to pass it off as an original. I didn’t have a clue. I was actually surprised to see it. Most times there is a build up to a tank release. I should’ve spotted it myself.


As single tanks go though, it looks like it would be a good one. Chimney is huge which should make for some great flavor.

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Some differences I see:

  1. Fill cap now has a round hole for dripper bottles.
  2. Chimney and chamber seem to be one piece.
  3. Terminals look lower than before.
  4. Drip tip is insulated.
  5. I believe the Lemo 2 was 23mm in diameter, this one is 22mm according to the specs on the picture.
  6. And it finally comes with a replacement tank.

All that said if (big if) it isn’t a knockoff. :smile:

I find single coils to be more analog-like and i love my Lemo2, i get a great throat hit that i dont really get with a dual coil.

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A lot of people love it… I agree. I just can’t good flavor no matter what I build or put in it. The vape isn’t near as good as the rest of my tanks.

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Have you tried pulling the driptip and just vaping right off the tank with the unobstructed chimney?

I think my problem is I’m use to dual coils. I usually don’t have issues with dual coil tanks.