Lemon help

So Ive been mixing for a couple months now and I’m loving it thus far. I do have a culinary background (well, line cook anyway) and I truly believe that has helped me tremendously in my diy adventures! Usually I just search the web when I have a quick question about flavors and ive really just been mixing other diy members recipes so I can get a good idea of what’s what. Salty Caramel Cream being the latest (bought the pack at BCF to show love) and its been blowing my mind how much better juices taste now that I can start tailoring the mixes to my specific taste, or palate. This is very quickly becoming an obsession, but in a good way!

My question is this, How do I get lemon to pop more as it seems to lose strength after a week, and if I add more in the beginning, it can overpower everything. I enjoy my recent recipe as a SnV, but down the road it tastes way less lemon-eee(Yes that’s a word-look it up​:joy::joy:)

I own some TPA Dragonfruit and wonder if this might work some magic in this,through its ability to emulsify. I don’t own any other lemons besides the two I’ve already incorporated into the mix, Lemon Sicily(FA), and Juicy Lemon(Cap). Each one at 2%. I also do not own any sort of lime which I hear would be a big big help. I plan on ordering some soon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for even taking the time to read this.

This is my recipe in case you need this info

Acytel Pyrazine (0.5%) (TPA) - 0.5%
Yellow Cake (FW) - 1%
Cookie (FA) - 1.5%
Cream Fresh (FA) - 0.5%
Lemon Sicily (FA) 2%
Juicy Lemon (Cap) - 2%
Van Custard V1 (Cap) - 2%
Van Shisha (Inw) - 0.5%

Total flavorings are at 10% so I can afford a little more if needed, however (to me) it’s perfect if only I could get that lemon to stay put! I’ve tried many many variations of this and this is the best one yet. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from Wayne’s Rhodonite to get my cookie base down, and originally this recipe came from a gentleman named Miroslec. The recipe is called “Lemon Bocaditos”. It used 2 Ingredients, Lemon Sicily (FA) at 4%,and Cookie (FA) at 1%… I have a hard time tasting so I upped the cookie and made my own variation of it to fit my needs. He deserves the credit however. He and Wayne(diyordie).

To the seasoned mixer, this recipe probably seems horrible. I get that. I don’t take it personally. I know I’m a newbie. I just want to perfect something that is a great vape for me. I have no plans of selling my juice. In fact I keep giving away the batches that I know I won’t be able to finish off.

Again, thanks for the help in my quest for the perfect cookie vape. Also, if anyone has suggestions on a great cookie base, I’m all ears. That recipe above isn’t set in stone, just an idea. I own a few cookies. Sugar Cookie v1(CAP), Biscuit (Inw), and Cookie (FA). Maybe these 3 together make something spectacular???


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Yup. I’ve found lemon Sicily fa fades on one month steeps.

If you are serious about lemon. Lemon mf. Found at good earth and beauty or medicine flower. But the cost is high to entry but you use 1-2 drops per 15ml finished ejuic.

Lemon inw (just lemon not shisha) is pretty good but can have an astringent taste when pushing.

Lemon fe (found at ecx) is pretty good as well but found it fades as well on long steeps and not as good compared to 1-4 days.


I have both those lemons; what I do is mix the recipe but leave the lemons out and just pull a few mls off at a time and add the lemon as needed. Easy enough to make couple mls of a lemon flavor shot and add by the drop to to the cake/cookie base. I use lemon FE or lemonade more frequently.


Buy MF. You won’t have this problem. If anything, it’ll be the opposite problem (getting stronger). So if you do try it, start very low (mere drops in a 30ml).

Best place to buy last I checked was @EcigExpress. They’re rebranded as “Lotus”, and that 5ml size will last you a good long while!


I do it the way you don’t want to do it. (FA) lemon Sicily @ 3-8% depending on steep time, if I’m lazy but it’s definitely not a shake and vape option lol

But I appreciate the input others gave about lemons, time for me to grab some different ones as well. Thank you.


I have been enjoying this and had similar lemon flavor changes …but after a months steep the lemon resurrected. Strong Lemon as a SnV …a reduced profile at 2 weeks …but came back just right at 4 weeks+ The Lemon Meringue Pie might get some credit


I’ll cast another mf lemon vote, it has some serious staying power and really helps pull other lemons through a long steep. Another option although less potent would be to either add or replace the VC v1 with fa custard which has a lemony note to it that, at least for me, doesn’t seem to ever really steep out. It’s nowhere near the strength of lemon you would get from mf, but it might help or at least wouldn’t hurt to try if you happen to already have it OR if you don’t feel like you want to invest in the mf which is pretty expensive.


How funny!

That’s exactly what I’m vaping atm, and noticed how up front the lemon is and it’s been steeping a couple months. Cheers on that one! Maybe the same thing will happen to my cookie recipe!


In all of my lemon discoveries, I have come to find that NicVape Lemon is very good as well. No off taste, realistic notes, and doesn’t fade like Sicily while still staying strong and true.

It is a good middle of the road between a majority of the lemons people are recommending and MF Lemon.


Gotta join in the Medicine Flower chorus here :slight_smile: Not only does Lemon (MF) last so well that your nicotine will surely oxidise and your beard/boobs (delete as appropriate) become acquainted with your belly before the flavour ever fades, but also, it’s the most natural tasting lemon, just like freshly squeezed lemon juice.

But do try to keep in a sealed glass bottle in the fridge (with closed cap on it, not a rubber-bulbed dropper) cos it’s volatile as heck, and whilst it doesn’t fade, it can surely vapourise prematurely! what’s more, like all acidic flavours, it can react with some kinds of plastic (though presumably not with the ECX plastic bottles, it must be said, or else members here would have noticed already)