Lemon Juice

I’ve noticed when I add lemon juice to my fruit mixes it turns them cloudy. I usually add it at 1%. I wonder if it’s the brand I use or the amount I put in. Does this happen to anyone else

I considered using lemon juice, but went with a 10% Citric Acid solution instead :smile: I don’t know about the clouding with the lemon juice…

Lemon juice is cloudy alone I don’t think I’ve seen a transparent lemon juice yet. I use it as well with no issues I just make smaller batches. Daath’s idea is something worth considering as well but I haven’t mess with citric acid as of yet may dabble in that after a while.

Just got a load of Citirc Acid, is it best to mix it like EM 10% and EV 10%?

I just mix mine with 1 part CA and 9 parts PG :smile:

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Cheers, will get to it.

I mix my CA @ 2 Parts CA and 8 parts pg for a 20% ratio. And use half of what the recipe calls for. That way I can keep my pg levels low. I’m a heavy vg guy.

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