Lemon meringue + Boston cream?

So I’ve acquired quite a few favors and have been thinking about a lemon meringue and Boston cream pie mix… Completely open to suggestions, was thinking about 2ml of lemon meringue and 1 ml of Boston per 30 ml

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Hmmmm… 2 5 Star Recipes I found.

There’s this one:

And This One:


Both of those flavors are just ok imo they’ll need some support. Lemon meringue Cap’s is lacking in a really good lemon so I generally place it w/ FA Lemon and then the Boston Cream pie is lacking in pie more creamy and kinda sweet wish I could emphasize more on that initial Boston Cream you get but it fades a lil.

I’d most likely pair it up w/ some Bavarian cream around 1-2% and then prob add a cookie, or Biscuit to build up the pie as well as give it some depth. Joy FA may be able to help too mostly in lower %s since if you’re using a bready product like the cookie or biscuit this will increase that note and if you didn’t have it you could go lower like 1% w/ Apple Pie FA to help round out the bakery notes. Sounds like a yummy idea to me I don’t believe I ever combined those two together good luck.

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So maybe add sugar cookie? I have a vanilla cupcake, cheesecake gram cracker, and sugar cookie.

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Idk I don’t think those would fit into this sort of bakery but then again if it’s something you’d like ( since you’re the one that’s vaping it ) sure.

This is my bcp recipe
Cap bcp 7.5%
Cap fudge brownie 1.5%
Fw marshmallow 1.5%
Tpa vanilla custard 1.5%
Inw biscuit 0.7%

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Im not sure either, hence the thread :slight_smile: I have only made from recipies, never made my own creation.

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Well that’s the beauty of DIY but as for profiles try and look at recipes online that have similar like qualities and apply those flavors in your mix. I have learned what those flavors are like by experience and for me they don’t really fit in w/ a heavy Boston Cream and a Lemon Meringue you’ll want to add fluffiness like some marshmallow ( which you have a Vanilla Cupcake ) that can be fluffy also a cheesecake is heavy and lotta cream I’d leave it out as the creams you’ll want will be more of a cleaner cream to emphasize on the Boston cream taste.
I’d recommend getting some FLAVOR ART STAT lol best for clean realistic flavor as well as high concentrated so you won’t have to use as much. Fresh Cream FA would be nice here to help blend w/ the already creamy BC and then the Lemon Meringue I’d add Lemon sicily FA to increase the lemon note. Also a touch of Meringue FA to help add that sweetness to the meringue and to the fluff ( whichever one you decide) marshmallow of vanilla cupcake,

Try not to overthink it. If you do decide to say screw it and mix all those other flavors together you may say I love this it’s wondrful it’s all that matters at the end of the day is that you enjoy your mixes. I hope I didn’t deter you just my 2 cents give or take maybe 4 cents lol

***Addedum I would use Vienna Cream FA around 1% and prob Fresh Cream FA around 0.5% Vienna cream is similar to the cream that’s in Boston Cream ***

That’s good to know, I have roughly 25 flavors, mostly consisting of fa, the rest are Capella… I will have to include some marshmallow when I try it. Thanks for the advice!

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