Lemonade.. With no lemonade?

Ran out of Lemonade (LA) and have an order for couple bottle of some of my pink lemonade recipe. Wondering if i can sub out the lemonade for lemon mix and some supersweet and maybe a drop or two of Lime Tahity cold pressed
Of course i have already told my friend of the situation and hes willing to give it a go with anything i end up experimenting with. As he puts it “I have faith in your ability. You are a talented mixer and I haven’t been disappointed yet.” lol


Give it a try, sounds good either way.

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Luckily for me he hasnt ever tried the original recipe, only heard the hype :wink: so as long as its yum still it doesnt have to be identical clone of it hah
. sucks i have to make a clone of my own recipe lol

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Ffrank posted a lemonaid recipie in the forum. If I recall is starts with lemon Sicily FA and Vienna cream FA. Maybe.

I have neither of those.

So far the closest clone to elements pink lemonade is the link below

I love the stuff so i took the recepie and mixed up 120ml of the stuff
Its not quiet elements but very nice to vape, its better then some premium pink lemonades I brought from stores

Comparing them both
Elements seemed more tangy with a hint of orange
The recepie above is missing that orange tone in its taste and maybe some citric acid

Maybe its my taste buds :triumph:

I have made another 120ml with 1% of blood orange and left all the other flavours at the same %, waiting for it to steep another week before i taste it and make adjustments if needed, if its closer to elements and i like it, i will post it as a variation to the recepie above by micah

Credit goes to you buddy Micah http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=38741

Its all about making premium juice clones as close as possible and sharing them … PuffPuff the house down :dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:

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I have my own excellent recipe that is completely original not a clone of any premium brands. I simple ran out of one key ingredient and was seeking assistance in replicating the one flavoring to substitute for temporarily until i get more. Thanks but no thanks on the clones, I sell my own brand.

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Oh i do appologies, its 07.30 and im so tired i miss read your post
I feel like a foreigner selling pirate DVDs on the street corner now lol

You dont work for elements by any chance? Hehe

Hah its all good i just needed to clarify, especially since I am selling it; don’t want anyone getting the idea that i may be selling a clone from here as my own or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha i understand
and thanks for that recepie
looks tasty
i will make some when i wake :sleeping:

lol you’re my one and only fan around here. :fist:

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Lol. I wouldn’t say that. I know you have some good recpies out there.