Let's make a Good *Coffee Flavor*

Ok guys, gals, another flavor that is quite difficult to find is a decent coffee flavor to vape. I have already been experimenting and have what I consider a nice starter recipe. We tested this shake and bake and if you love STRONG coffee this could be just the way you like it. Others may want to play with a little sweetener, sweet creams, etc.

EDIT: Also I am at this time letting this mix steep with the hopes that all the chocolate will become a bit more dominant. As I said, the Mexican Liqueur is quite strong.

Malted Milk (TFA) 2%
Mexican Liqueur (TFA) 6%
Milk Chocolate (TFA) 12%

NOTES: Keep in mind that Malted Milk should be used in small portions because it tends to overpower other flavors and your recipe can turn out very weak in flavor. Also, the Mexican Liqueur flavor is very strong coffee flavor. This recipe above is a STRONG coffee recipe. Maybe it should be named Starbucks.

Ok everyone, get a MUG and let’s get to it…


Nice! I’m in. I have a private recipe that I want to polish off, then I’ll share it with you guys!


Maybe an Irish cream??? Yummy!!!


Go for it, you should be able to sub the Milk Chocolate with Creme De Menthe easy enough…

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I think the recipe I am working on could easily have a touch of Irish Cream in it :smile:

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Than I’m gonna wait till urs is out???

I just split my test-batch in two and added Irish Cream (FA) to one of them :smile:

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Ha-ha keep me in mind??

Since my order of flavors has not arrived yet from Diagon Alley, I’m vaping about a 10:1 mixture of coffee and black licorice from bottles of e-juice I picked up at a local vape store. The licorice seems to smooth it out and adds a little sweetness. I would be interested in seeing some good coffee / licorice recipes.

ooooh Yummmmm. Love Coffee flavor. Just made up a recipe, but haven’t mixed it yet It’s going to be an espresso, so pretty rich I think. I’ll share with ya’ll after I mix and let you know!!


I’ve been vaping Smooth Morning Kick today - The version I’m vaping has a bit more tiramisu, and a bit less dark bean - I adjusted it and made it public. I really like it!

@quitter1 The version with Irish Cream (FA) is also nice, but it’s not very noticable - If you like, you can drop tiramisu and espresso by 0.1% and add 0.5-1% Irish Cream :smile:

Let me know if any of you try it and what you think. I, for one, can vape this a lot! :smiley:


Definitely my next tester TY!!!

So malted milk, Mexican liqueur, and milk chocolate makes coffee? Or do you add some sort of coffee too?

I’ve had the worst luck making coffee juices. They all either have no flavor or come out tasting like burned skunk. I have even tried making my own coffee extract multiple times and haven’t gotten anywhere with that either. People raved…mayhap I failed. I haven’t been able to work it. Also, not many choices on the coffee flavoring front probably hasn’t helped. I think all I have are coffee and cappuccino from TFA.

I swore I wasn’t going to spend any more money this month, but I may have to go flavor shopping. Time to hit the recipes and make a list.

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The Mexican Liqueur is a coffee liqueur, and a real strong one as well. I threw in chocolate with this blend because the Mexican Liqueur was said to have a chocolate hint to it. All I tasted was coffee so I added Chocolate. The malted milk was to hopefully smooth out the flavor and just a touch of sweetness. Even with the chocolate % as high as it is the dominant flavor still seems to be the Mexican Liqueur. We shook and vaped this and it wasn’t bad at all. I am steeping now and hoping for more chocolate to come out.

I have done a version with hazelnut and caramel as well for my shop. I’m now finding coffee much more versatile than I used to believe thanks to this Mexican Liqueur…


Okay. So kind of like Kahlua? I’m going to have to try that. I’ve dumped so many bottles of “coffee” juice because I couldn’t find a way to save them. Even using them diluted or mixed with other stuff was not good. My fingers are crossed.

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What PG/VG mixture would you use to vape this in a tank?

It shouldn’t be a problem cranking doing a 50/50-ratio :smile: Let me know what you think, if you try it! I prefer it without the Irish Cream. I haven’t tried that exact recipe, mine is with a tiny bit more tiramisu and a tiny bit less dark bean - I think the one I posted would taste better!

I will definitely give it a try, but I need to put together another juice order first. Thanks!

I named it Expresso Chocolatte’

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Burned Skunk… . . Hahaha… I Love it!