Let's see your collaborations!

I’ve seen several people talk about recipes that they’ve developed together with other mixers, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread for them!
Let’s see your WIPs or finished collaborations!

I’ll start. :grin: Here’s one I’m enjoying a lot that @ADKmac and I came up with a few months ago. Its a sweet whiskey custard, IMO it’s SNVable but really shines after a two week steep.


Im Working on one right now i call Bella Thorne.
Banana (Inawera) 2%
Cactus (inawera) 1%
Fresh Cream (Liquid barn) 2%
Jamaican Rum (inawera) 1%
Sweetener (Flavour West) 0.5%
Whipped Cream (flavorah) 1%
it started as a fun chat with a friend in sweden and was more like a “naughty joke” after he had found some “innocent pictures” whistle of a known actor hehe.
so we started to joke about making a celebration juice.

i need to lower the rum a bit as it´s way to much in your face. buth other than that it´s a really enjoyable vape. i really like it

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