Let's talk about hot legs! ;)

Ok coil building gods, I need some help. Apologies in advance if this has been run into the ground already. Feel free to just post a link at me.

Before TC, this didn’t seem to be as big of an issue. And if I run in VW mode, I don’t notice any issues. But, apparently I broke my SS coil that was working perfectly in my magma and now it’s not working with TC. The “upper” leg gets super hot, I’m guessing because it’s not touching the wick? I tried putting the wick over the top of that leg, but I have a feeling that’s not really what I’m supposed to do. And it only works some of the time. So…any suggestions?


Make sure it’s screwed in tightly, then strum the coil and see if that doesn’t fix the hot leg…


Make sure your cotton contacts your coil ID completely… especially the outermost wraps. Limp cotton and cottontails will lose contact with coil and cause coil hotspots or hot legs.


Also if you’re using spaced coils, make sure the legs aren’t touching the first winding. I often take a precision screwdriver (smallest I have) and pry between there to make sure all is spaced. This will certainly cause a hot spot.

Another point is the legs should be of equal length. Longer legs will tend to develop hot spots. Keeping them as shot as possible too will help prevent this as well.


Thanks guys!! I did the strumming and it seemed like it helped when I dry fired it. I’ve not gotten a chance to try TC with it yet. Will keep at it and let ya know how it goes (if I get stuck again LoL).

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I was having problems spacing the outer legs and having a similar problem. I found a loose screw (I got lots of them, ha!) and used that to wrap my wire. No more spacing problems, no more hot legs.