Let's talk about pallet cleansers!

As i’v been getting more in to mixing,more specifically “shake n’ vape” mixing, i’v been wondering, in the DIY juice community do we have a go to pallet cleanser? Wine has it’s bread and olive oil, sushi has ginger, so what do we have? For me going from the strawberry cheescake i’m working on, to the menthol cucumber is much more of a challenge then just changing cotton. So my question to you is this, what pallet cleanser do you use to wipe the last vapes tastes from your pallet? If we don’t have one let’s put our noodles together and start taking a crack at it!

I just drink water


exactly. @Joel5 i have learned there is nothing like water while vaping , and dont get me wrong im not trippin like rip but the one draw back from vaping is dry mouth but if you keep hydrated and drink water while vaping all is well

My ritual is very simple… using a tc mod I just vape it dry, then load the next flavor and a few drops down the chimney. Most of my mixes have strong flavor notes and after a few hits it’s full on flavor again.

As far my palate cleanser, whatever flavor I load next usually takes care of that.

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0mg pg/vg when I cared, I don’t care that much anymore

edit: rayon ftw

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I have multiple tanks, one always with a strong menthol another always with strong semi sweet coffee, both of these help me a lot if I feel like one of my other mixes is lingering on my tongue too much. If you’re referring to vaper’s tongue, there are several recipes that people swear by.



Coffee + five minute break does the trick for me. Somehow the coffee erases my palette and five minutes or so let’s the taste of the coffee wear off. Then I’m good to go for the next flavor.


Come on people!? You need my Ginger Lemon Peppermint drops w/ electrolytes …It’s what he tongue needs …I mean
"It’s What The Tongue Needs®"

@hamwitch HeH… this was a previous topic please read

I do see the difference in your post, but the answer is the same. I think of it like Bose Noise Cancelling headphones. There are tastes that cancel out other flavors. Example I have a chocolate vape that cures the cinnamon overload…like immediately. While you are vaping various juices you may start to notice this.

If you are new to DIY you’ll have to work your way up to have multiple loaded tanks and mods with several+ juices at your fingertips …like your whole office desk becomes an embarrassment and she comes in and just rolls her eyes …hang around, that is this group’s specialty (making you buy more DIY …everything) :wink:


Just like many have said…vape a new juice. This week primarily is all about the orange vape. Every evening I vape my batched orange juices.

But at work it has been a castle long clone and melon vape. This way when I get home it’s all about the Citrus.

But it’s 4 hours or orange vaping. Thankfully I have a dinner in there. I had a vanilla cream soda beer for desert. And vaping a deep orange with graham. Maybe before bed I may touch a different vape…but am happy with bottle number 4. 1 & 2 wasn’t good. 3 was yummy. And can’t waiting for number 5 and 6…since I saved what I hope will be the best for last.


We use a pressure washer in the shop.


I thought you swore by lion poop @ozo …DAMIT FOOLED AGAIN!!!


That shits hard to come by tho! I almost got busted at the zoo… :sunglasses:


wow here’s Pugs again with his ‘amazing’ pallet cleanser (yawn) :rolling_eyes:

The Cobweb Clearer

Ingredient %
10% Menthol 2.5
Koolada 10% (TPA) 2.5
Peppermint (TPA) 5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 17%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

I’m with @VapeyMama - coffee seems to cleanse mine :slight_smile:


Water is ok but if you want a really cleansed pallet your gonna have to put in the work, mine come out ok…


:joy: Very cleansed indeed!

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Lol. This so made me chuckle just now. Thanks.

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LoL @Grubby. Damnit! Looks like @ozo is right again (pressure washer)! I bet he uses “salty” water :wink: Hey wait? how about just some salty water gargle? Duh… I’m trying that


Biotene mouthwash cleans and moisturizes the taste buds. It’s a good daily aid to restoring taste and curing the dry mouth syndrome. Peppermint lozenges are good for stimulating the flow of saliva.

The nose is also a part of detecting flavors. Salt water spray cleanses the nasal passages and opens up the sinuses.