Let's talk Menthol

I am pretty new at the vape scene. I have been a half a pack smoker for 10 years and a menthol smoker for the last 4 years.

So, menthol cigarettes just got banned in Europe and that has made me try to quit tobacco for good. A few months ago I decided to try vaping and bought my first kit. Smoke R Kiss
When I bought my first bottle of e-liquid I said to myself no way in hell I’m gonna pay over €20 per bottle I know there is DIY for cheaper. And I bought every fruit flavor I could think of and stared to play with mixing. I also bought some menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint as I know I enjoy menthol. When trying to find a good mix it seemed that menthol was the only thing that pleased me and nothing else was good enough.
Now that I can’t get my menthol cigarettes I have been feeling less of an urge to take a cigarette and rather take a vape than those nasty cigarettes. Truth be told, i’ve never really liked the taste of pure tobacco, I just like to smoke. I very much like to smoke.

I am now looking for tips & tricks from other hard core menthol fans that keep the menthol in focus. How can I spice things up by adding other flavors to get some variety while still keeping the menthol in focus?


Show me an example of how your menthol recipe looks, what you are using…

For me, I use a combo of ice and cool menthol, both from Flavorah…

One of my recipes that I fall back on looks like this:

As you can see, I have layered everything to make a smooth chilly menthol “candy cane”…

if I want to add any fruit to it, I do lower my menthol/mints just a bit so my other non mints will stand out. It does pack a punch, because these are ultra flavors… :slight_smile:


Well I’m not a hard core menthol fan and never liked menthol cigarettes when I smoked, but if this can help I do like Wintergreen (TPA) plus Koolada in many of my mixes, very refreshing. Wintergreen at 2% and the Koolada I like at very low %, just a couple drops per 30ml, but in mixes for my friends that liked menthol cigs, I Bump the Koolada up to 0.8 or 1.0% . May be something for you to try, I do go thru a lot of the Wintergreen!


Welcome! Menthol is an absolute must have for me too. Every menthol flavoring I’ve tried early on was too weak for my tastes. What I do is dissolve menthol crystals in PG, roughly 66% crushed crystals in a beaker with the rest being PG. I eye ball it but 50/50 by weight seems close enough.

This works very well with melons and other minty flavors. With berries it can get into the cough drop range, lol. For adding a cold edge to other flavors I like WS-23. It doesn’t have a minty taste but can add the icy effect without the bitterness some other cooling agent can get.

Best of luck!


Today I finally found Menthol crystals in Sweden. Local vape store said it wasn’t possible but there is a Danish spice maker that has a 20g jar that I managed to order ($7) :slight_smile: Looking forward to making my own solution


Any reason you chose cotton candy as sweeter? I only have sucralose but I don’t have vanilla either. Maybe sub vanilla and cotton candy with Marshmallow as it’s maltol and vanilla?

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You can try that if you’d like. :slight_smile:
I don’t use much sweetness, if I did it’d only be a drop or 2 as it really is strong.

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