Lets Trade

The one thing we don’t do a lot of is trade or at least

in the public forum. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed making deals.

Anywho, I need NF (Natures Flavors) Watermelon and I can not find it. I should say the only place I can find it is NF’s website but they don’t sell anything less than 2 oz and I just can’t spend that right now (and probably never).

Anybody in the States that wants to trade? If so there is a photo of some hardware below and I have quite a few concentrates. Maybe I have something you need or want.

Heres to hoping… :crossed_fingers:


Now Dan, let me tell you a little story about “Needs” and “Wants” …


I’m listening…


Think big my friends and make it worth it. I will trade damn near all of that hardware for the NF watermelon. Willing to do several concentrates for the trade. You don’t know if you don’t ask.

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Are you referring to NF-4399/ORG 2oz $23.15


Dan, is that a black 24mm KF 2019? What is that directly to the right of it and then the narrow tank to the right of that?

I thought I saw NF Watermelon at BCF, no?

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LOL, that’s the one, my friend.


Yes, but a clone and the one next to it is a KF Prime also a clone and I dislike them as clones. I am sure I would love the OG’s though. The narrow tank is the Merlin Nano by Augvape. It’s an 18 mm MTL I’ll leave a photo of the deck below. See the airflow, it’s got a half circle on each side? it’s an insert and I hate it. Other than that the flavor is outstanding and it could be a great RTA.


I collect KFs of all kinds and I wouldn’t mind having it if it’s still available. Do you happen to have the 5ml extension kit? Either way, I’m willing to trade stuff or offer cash. The Merlin Nano has a peek chamber somewhat like the Dvarw FL which has great flavor. I might be interested in that too.

Other than the NF Watermelon what would you be interested in? PM me if you like.


just pay shipping and they are yours