Licorice & Aniseed


I am completely new to mixing my own liquids and I have just ordered some flavourart anise and licorice flavours. My question is related to mixing these so they don’t overpower each other. I am trying to get a taste similar to black jack sweets we used to have in the UK and was wondering if anyone else had tried mixing with just these 2 flavours.

Also, just to add - these will be added to a 50/50 base.

Thanks - Andrew

@daath says:


Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 1
Black Touch (Licorice Plus) (FA) 5
Blackcurrant (FA) 2

Flavor total: 8%

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These ratios seem to be pretty common. I’d start with a little less and add more if it needs it.


Thanks Jo!

Forgot to order blackcurrant though! I did order forest fruits - do you think that would work?

Thanks again

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I use it as a fruit enhancer and sweetener. I also like it with tobacco. I use it regularly with amazing results.

Cactus n Fruits v2 Gmix

Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 0.75
Cactus (INAWERA) 1.2
Strawberry (Medine Flower) 1.2
Watermelon (Medine Flower) 0.6

Flavor total: 3.75%

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Banana Berry Smoothie Gmix

Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 1.2
Banana (Flavorah) 0.75
Banana Cream (LA) 2.5
Blueberry (Flavorah) 2
Blueberry (MF) 0.6
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 6
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 1.5
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.75

Flavor total: 15.3%

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Subliminal by Gmix

Ingredient %
Absinthe (TPA) 3
Anise (FA) 1
Orange Cream (TPA) 2
Peach (INAWERA) 1
Pear (FA) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 6

Flavor total: 14%

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This is currently steeping… it shows promise!


Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 0.75
Cucumber (TPA) 2
Fig Fresh (FA) 1.5
Mandarin (FA) 2

Flavor total: 6.25%

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I like a bit of anise in my custard mixes along with some Lemon (FE). Delicious!

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Very nice one this is :+1::grinning:

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No matter what quantity of FA licorice I use it always tastes stale and musty. Any ideas on how to improve it - steeping doesn’t help at all.

Thanks - Andrew

FA does a very good Black Jack concentrate that I love.
You could try that next time?


Thanks - I did get that one and have been steeping it at 5% for about a week but to be honest it’s still lacking. What percentage do you mix at? I use a VW battery (Ego II Twist) with a protank mini 3.

Thanks again - Andrew

I mixed it at 10% in 50/50, 6mg nic.
I use a Kangertech mini

Thanks - I’ll try increasing the percentages a bit.

How long did you let it steep for Chewy? Thanks

I usually let my mixes steep for a week, or longer if needed.

Thanks Chewy!

Add .5% to 1.5% of FA Anise to the mix; tends to lift the black licorice out of it’s doldrums. :wink:

I started using this a couple months ago… now I want to put it in everything. I love it with fruits. It really lift up and sweeten everything.

Anise is great in tobacco mixes as well. :grinning:

Licorice little known facts:

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This is why pretty much every single Yogi tea contains and tastes like licorice. LoL

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