Lightning Vape Deals

Browsing for a Ohms Meter I ran across this deal from Lightning Vapes. Most others like this I seen were right around $20. Also if you like on Facebook they will give you 17% off. Free shipping included.


Maybe not too crazy of a deal, but for all you RDA wick painters out there, they got these bottles in stock. $1 each.

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Not really a deal but… Just throwing a compliment towards the customer service dept. at Lightning Vapes here…

I recently purchased the “Coil Master Coil Jig” from LV.

I was just curious about the tool and bit the hook. It works well enough and it’s easy to use. However, with out going into a lengthy story, one of the rods wouldn’t work with the kit. I emailed LV about the issue and they sent me another complete kit to fix the problem speedy quick. The next kit I received had the same problem!:confounded: What were the odds? I emailed LV again about the issue. They made absolutely sure the third kit they sent me worked properly before they shipped it to me. :ok_hand: Happy customer…that’s me!

Just saying that Lightning Vapes did what it took to square up with me in a hurry, at no extra cost to me. True, they lost their butt on that sale, but satisfied the customer!

Kudos to Lightning Vapes! Every now and then, there are happy endings to sad stories. :wink:

For the record, I was given a free 30ml bottle of juice with my original purchase due to the amount purchased…it was darn good juice! It’s good when vendors do the little things and big customer service things that keep you coming back. :grinning:

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Well crap. I want the coilmaster 521 and some LG HG2s but they don’t have them either in stock.

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I use LV for all the wire I order that they carry and for the cotton bacon I use for wicking.

BUT the wide mouth unicorn bottles have an issue

My personal experience with them involved using them to fill the Lemo tanks and if you are not very very careful how hard you squeeze you will POP the top right out of the bottle.

As others have said LV does have excellent customer service. I had an issue with an order and they made it right without question and even expressed the replacement item to me.

Last week I ordered some titanium wire from lightning vapes boy have I been missing the boat first thing I noticed no matter how well I scub it it did not shine like the other wire I had been using so built a dual coil second thing I noticed the coil matched my coil calculator Dead on. so on with the build spaced 24 GA 2.5 center 8 raps .11 flavor great right from the start and staying that way my ohms have not changed at all. I highly recommend there wire .I got some 316 26 GA ss any recommendations would be appreciated I’ve never built with stainless before but looking forward to it but no hurry this is like a new adventure using titanium I’ve heard they’re offering 20% off this week