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Those of you who have been around long enough will remember a similar incident about 2 years ago, when decided they didn’t want our Kanthal A-1 listings on their site anymore. Well, today they’ve decided that they don’t want ANY of our wire listings on their site anymore. There’s a couple exceptions, about 5-6 surviving nichrome listings. The other 300+ listings died a quick, yet painful death this evening. The most interesting part of this whole ridiculous fiasco, is that other companies such as LifeMods and Master of Clouds continue to sell their Kanthal, Nichrome, Clapton & other wires completely untouched.

At first we thought, “Hmm, perhaps there’s an algorithm in place that recently had the word Kanthal added to it, and our listings met just the right criteria to get automatically flagged and taken down”. However, now it appears that this is a concerted effort against our company. With government and corporate corruption seeing the light of day more and more thanks to alternative media and whistleblowers, it’s not so crazy anymore to think that either we upset someone at Amazon with the power to push the right buttons to make us go away, or that instead someone at a competing company has a buddy with the same button pushing power. It’s almost impossible to get to the bottom of the cause, as Amazon is anything but reasonable, transparent, or forthcoming. It’s barely even possible to get someone on the phone whose native language is English for that matter.

While we will press on and attempt to re-list our items, we can’t guarantee that they will stay up for very long. That said, we are working with a company called Fast Fog Supply Co. They purchase 100% of their wire from us, and even have us apply the custom labels . They have had issues getting their Kanthal listings up on Amazon, however their Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, etc remains untouched. If you need wire in a hurry, and are an Amazon Prime member, and want the same Lightning Vapes quality you have come to expect, then look no further than Fast Fog!

On the other hand, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, or wish to purchase otherwise restricted products such as e-liquid, please visit us directly at!

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