Lightning Vapes now selling SS Clapton wire

Lightning Vapes is now carrying multiple configurations of SS Clapton Wire. Added bonus is the also have the eScribe TCR files available for download in CSV format right on the order page.

SS Clapton Wire Announcement


Oh wow, that could actually make clapton wire relevant to me.


I’m pretty content with my lame normal SS316 coils. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, this gets my curiosity up.

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Yay. Now I have a reason to go shopping.

So, welll. Crazy question. How reputable is the website/company. I’m not a big online shopper. Has anyone from ELR used them? Lightning vapes?

They’re pretty big players in the wire business. You can buy their wire thru Amazon. But not the Clapton wire. Gotta go thru their site for that (for now anyway).

That is where I get my wire from. Top notch customer service also and super fast shipping.

Is there a discount code for lightning vapes?

try LV15 for 15% off it might work

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I’m ok with going through the site. I tried making my own Clapton stainless steal coils. Wasted a lot of wire trying to do it. We won’t say how much wire.

I’m sure practice makes perfect. But for the cost of a spool of wire that is already claptoned is still cheaper by the time you calculate effort exerted doing it.

Sadly, I don’t think I have the mental acuity to Clapton my own wire. Lol. Work cause me enough stress.

Besides, mixing my my ejuice saves me a ton of money. Creating my own recpies is exciting…more so when the mix knocks my socks off.

Building coils, setting up my deck, sure will save me money…but sadly I don’t find the joy.

Hmmmm. I’ll look into that next weekend. Maybe and admin (summons @daath) could secure a permanent discount code.

I have medium sized decks and 2X 18650 mods should I choose the 26/36?

the shipping should also be free on the site always has been for my orders even when I just got 1 spool

Discount Ohmsweetohm should give you either 17 or 18% site wide.


Very reputable. I’ve bought from them a number of times and always been a great experience. Their titanium wire isn’t very shiny and needs to be cleaned well before use, but everything else has been spotless.

ordered… the two discount codes didn’t work but free shipping on a $11 roll of Clapton SS? Sweet Deal! thx for the referral

Hmm, they must’ve excluded that product from the Ohmsweetohm code. It works for the rest of the site but not if I put Clapton wire in the cart.

@Big_Benny_MI Appreciate it! Maybe I needed to buy more $$-wise. It popped up with a “don’t qualify…” …not worried about $1 Heh worried more about wasted wire trying to save $1 making my own. 25’ of wire is an easy 50+ coils. I was glad to get it before it was GONE