Lime (10 char)

Hey guy, quick question about limes.
I’m not the biggest fan of it but I do have that distilled lime from FA for the recipes that call for it. I’m now checking out more FLV recipes and see a lot of Lime (FLV) and Lime Wedge (FLV) in recipes that I want to mix.

Is there a big difference between them? Is it worth getting both of them (or just 1 that I could use for both) or could I just use my FA version without noticing too much of a difference?
I’m not going to mix anything with it as a top note.


I just got both, but read notes the wedge had some peel in it as well.


Lime is about 2x as strong as lime wedge. You will notice the difference if you are using Fa not only in strength but taste. Wedge has a slight zest to it.

Edit Ah beat me SD lol

I just went back to my notes and wedge has an almost candy aspect to it as well where the lime is more straight lime juice.

And oops i had em ass backwards stoopid brain lol


They’re so confusing… that’s why I asked lol


Yeah, the notes are not very clear LOL. I can post back after some time with it.


The best description for Lime Wedge is what I found here, but it sounds very close to what I’m experiencing with FA Lime. That’s why I was wondering if it’s even worth picking up…

When it comes to the plain Lime, I found this

A little more on the candy side whereas FA is very realistic…

So my first impressions, based on what I read, is that Lime might be worth getting and I could probably swap the wedge for FA. But that’s why I’m asking if someone has experience with all three.


Over simplified but for me lime wedge is a like a lime cordial (not the super ultra green coloured kind) and the lime is more like inw lime than it is FA lime.

Obviously you can sub any lime for any lime but the results will be different. I have not reupped on any FA lime since i started using FLV.

If I were to put them in order of what I liked more it would be lime wedge flv / lime flv / lime inw / Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) FA - which is probably not helpful at all.

FLV lime is probably closer in style to Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) FA than FLV lime wedge is but they are still very different.


It actually is and I don’t like the answer cause it means my shopping list keeps growing :frowning:
But thanks for the input :wink:


I love LIME

I love Lime Wedge…

both are good. I use them in combo together to keep fading from happening, as well as to make my drink mixes taste limey… :stuck_out_tongue: I dont think I could go with out them. In fact… there is lime in my winstin. :smiley:

If you don’t pick up Lime… I will be super sad… can’t go without it, none can compare to it… :smiley:


I think one of these days my wife is going to have a serious word with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Lemme know when, I will just have to be “out of town” :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there any Flavorah offerings you DON"T like?


YES!! Yam… :stuck_out_tongue: shush… don’t hurt @authormichellehughes feelings…
but yam is just not for me… I dont eat yam… and even tho I can vape and mix with yam…
I do not like yams!!! :smiley: