Limelight Tube RTA

Any of you fine people have experience with this rta. Already ordered but being CNY its gonna take some time. Interested in peoples builds and franken combinations, basically some tube porn for my greedy peepers. Thanks guys.

Link here:

I’ve never seen or heard about it - Looks interesting :slightly_smiling:

Looks interesting but expensive.

Fasttech has a clone. ordered mine from their. excited :+1:

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There never far behind with the clone’s lol. :ok_hand:

cant be caught slippin in the clone game. authentic is a different story though lol great site non the less

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What exactly do you find interesting about this tank? 2ml capacity? Looks. . .kinda homely. The AFC looks a little small. I’m not getting any attraction to it at all. Don’t mean to be a jerk, I just don’t understand.

True to most - What I found interesting was the Aromamizer deck - The polycarbonate tank is of course useless - I wouldn’t buy this, mainly because of the low capacity and the lack of a glass tank… I do think the Aromamizer-deck is cool though :slight_smile:

was looking for a nice single coil tank to try. 2ml capacity doesnt bother me, use a 2.5 goblin and its great for me. First top fill tank as well. juice control first as well. Its compatible with kayfun tanks and orchid chimney so grabbed a few extra’s for glass, extra capacity and smaller chimney. 11 bucks. Besides all that just liked the look stock as well. its an all around win for this guy.

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Cool man, I’m glad your happy. I guess tastes vary, eh? So you have vaped this thing already or are you waiting on it? In addition to the Goblin mini, what other attys do you like?

It’s always cool to talk to someone that has different tastes than me. That’s one of the reasons I love this forum. Everyone digs on different stuff and we can all talk about it like adults. I just put up a new thread on an RDA that I have absolutely fallen head-over-heels in love with. It will be interesting to see what others say about that.

Thanks for the links and the info. I was completely unaware of this gear.

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I ordered it yesturday with that ft 20% off, so i wont see if for quite a while. Original gobilin btw. I dont have much, goblin is my only rta. Got the haze geni tank and its nice for my high VG mixes but at heart im a PG guy so my Goblin sees the most use. Prometheus Genesis is quite nice with mesh and my 80 pg’s. Lasty, the mutation x v4. meehhh likes to leak, good flavour though with high vg’s. Thats all i got so far. more of a looker than a buyer :wink:

Ya i know what you mean, my favourite/only vape reviewer i watch anymore is the bogan and he has quite the opposite vape style as me but hes an entertaining guy.

Whats your fav’s bother?

For mods I’m DNA200 or nothing. . .except the noisy cricket, which is a game changer. I was a wide open plume veil guy, but I just discovered this Mutation X S RDA and I’m smitten. I wick primarily with hemp. My favorite tank for flavor is easily the Bellus using a twisted Ti build. I have a ton of the latest tanks but I’m a flavor chaser that wants huge clouds. That’s tough to find. The Aromamizer for instance, is mediocre to me perfomance-wise. I don’t like how the deck has that thin, tall lip either. I was a hookah guy, but the flavors and mixing ability with vaping are just far superior. Cloud size and flavor though are still tough to match the hookah.

never tried hemp for wicking, might give it a go. any good brands to look for? Ya that vape band just threw the aromamizer straight out the door for me. That new diablo rta looks pretty nice in my eyes atm, was thinking the new mutation tank but if i was gonna go dual coil again i wanted to try a velocity deck. Keep hearing great things about the bellus too.

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The downsides of the Bellus are that it’s a total Prima donna. It’s a real bitch to build. I use 4x 32ga twisted Ti and then something like 5 wraps on a 3mm mandrel, space the coils as much as possible. It’s a much tighter build space than it appears at first. You have to continually check for shorting and monkey with and distort the coils a bit to git it to fit. She’s also very prone to leaking, but once you figure it out, it’s just occasional minor sepage. I hated it at first, put it down for like 6 weeks. AFC just under half open and it just like a dripper.

I wrote a hemp wicking tutorial thread you can just have a search for. I’m on a phone or I’d link you. I do think rinsing the hemp in vodka first helps to get rid of the break-in flavor. Once broken in I consider far superior to cotton, especially if you aren’t using temp control. But it also adds less wick flavor and clears flavors more quickly. It will clear flavors that require cotton to be replaced to clear. So it’s great for tasting. It does have its downsides, the thread has pictures of me building a Bellus with hemp.

cool, thanks for the info and the tut. i think im going to try rayon next, then when i get bored ill try that lol :slight_smile: