Limited Edition Crown Tank

Pretty snazzy looking tanks here.


Sweet looking tank. $59 and it comes with a T-shirt

Yeah, I want one of each. But I done blew trough my vape budget this paycheck.

I really love the looks of the gold with black. I’ve been wanting one of the rose gold one’s for a few weeks anyway. Can’t afford it right now either. Just another option in case anyone is interested.

It’s on sale for $79.99 through 1-19 at Uwell site directly. $20 more, but comes with 2 packs of coils and a gift card that can be either $10-50-100, if you’re a gambler.

Whoa, kinda pricey for a different colored afc ring…

I saw that too. I wonder how hard it is to swap the rings.

I have the black one with the rose band coming :smile:
I should have it this week according to tracking! Along with a T-shirt and 2 packs of coils ~woohoo~

The Rafale will be here around the same time if not the exact time as well. I may as well wear the Uwell shirt and be their fan boy by the looks of my Uwell collection :heart_eyes:


Check this one out. Very cool.


That looks pretty cool. Gonna have to get one in a couple weeks.

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