Limitless Gold RDTA for you!

Hi, all the vaping friends here! Do you ever have a Limitless Gold RDTA Tank? How do you like it?

This RDTA is the newest release from Limitless Mod Co. It is an upgraded version from the original Limitless RDTA tank and comes in a solid black color with deep Limitless engraving on the body.
It features a 4.75ml juice tank and has a 25mm base with a unique bottom airflow design that shoots the air directly under your coils as well as top adjustable airflow control with Limitless triangles as your airflow slots. The Limitless Gold RDTA will soon have a wide variety of interchangeable deck options available and will come in a wide variety of colrs. The interchangeable deck system is crucial as it vastly un-restricts your building potential.
This RDTA is a must have for your collection! What box mods do you think can be matched with this tank?
Leave the product link from Urvapin( and tell us why they match, and leave your email address here after you register at Urvapin. One lucky winner will be picked out randomly and will be published on April 1st.
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It has to be the Limitless Arms Race 200w Box Mod. They look an ideally matched combo from the same company and as the Mod fires as low as 0.1ohm it will work perfectly with the Limitless Gold RDTA and its various build decks and the 25mm RDTA base fits perfectly with the mod.

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I would go for this one, it’s got all the tech to handle the tank and looks pretty cool too.
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I think it would look dope on this one and a bonus is that it got the DNA250 chip :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the @ but I think ill sit this one out :thumbsup:


All cool, was just thinking of you when i posted it.


I have both, and have only used the box mod, and it’s outstanding. Only issue I had was that on their website, they show the LED’s being a bright, deep blue, in reality, it’s a little dimmer, and a blue-ish white. Box mod works great. Lot’s of compliments, and questions, anytime anyone sees it. Haven’t tried the tank yet. Does look outstanding on top of the blacked out mod though.

Would look good on top of this new ijoy mod. This is a cool looking mod. And awesome tank. Heard great things about this rdta!! Send it my way vapesta clause!
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I have one love it except for one thing cant put it in your pocket when I do and sit down all the juice pours out in to my pants pocket it has to always be upright

This would go perfect with the WISMEC Reuleaux DNA250 Limited Edition Box Mod
Black and copper look so awesome together
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I love black and gold, I think it would look pretty sweet on this Tesla nano.


that is fucking gorgeous

I don’t have the Limitless RDTA, but I do have a green color changing Limitless RDA that I really love to build on. It has nice big holes in the posts that fit my fused Clapton coils into. I am thinking of getting the matching Limitless copper mech mod with the interchangable sleeves. It is a very high end mod, however it’s still too high priced for a tube. That’s all it really is, a fucking tube, for $239 with one of the fancy sleeves with their logo on it. Sorry I got off the subject but yeah, I’d love to have a Limitless RDTA to add to my collection!

I’m going to have to go with the Smok Alien 220w in black and gold.


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I have to go with the Tesla nano as suggested by @VapeyMama
Love the cogwheel design.

I totally agree with VM. I’d have to pick this