Linked threads resetting "user count location"

I’ve also been noticing another trend over the last couple weeks.

If you click on a linked thread, such as this:

The (for lack of better terms) user’s “thread location marker” is either being reset, or not applied.

The reason I also called it “user count”, is seeing as how the software usually does an excellent job of tracking where each user leaves off in a thread. Then when there’s additional replies, you pick up where you left off. Unless it’s a single post marker (like the example I used).

This is not being applied properly anymore in certain instances, as it did previously. As there’s linked threads that I know I’ve read (several were very recent) that I’m being sent back to the top (post#1).

Not sure whether it’s database related (from additional users), storage related, or just an update that went wonky and missed a hook or two. But wanted to bring it to your attention so you could have a look, or pass it up the ladder to the devs (if appropriate).

Good luck in the hunt, and if you run low on ammo for hunting ghosts in the machine, just holler! Lol

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Thanks :slight_smile: I am currently upgrading Discourse - if it keeps doing it after, let me know, and I’ll make a post on their dev site about it :slight_smile: