Liqua Cool Raspberry clone

its been 2 years since i vape 85% of the time Cool Raspberry from Liqua. Rest of the time i try to replicate it but no success.
I’ve tried 5-6 raspberry concentrates (with or without strawberry, sweet or ripe), no success.
I mixed with those raspberries and other aromas mint , lots of mins: spearmint, peppermint, menthol, ws23- vapable , koolada- vampire vapes (i cough alot from the last 2 and i cannot get used with them), somehow, i established i kind of like creme de menthe from TFA at 8% but its not enough and i make the juice okish with Two mints from Liqua again.

I’am not complaining its expensive , its a moderate price but i find it hard in my country, i usually buy al the store stock= 4, maximum 5 bottles once at 1-2 months. One day I wont find it anymore.

thank you for helping me!


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What do you taste when you vape the original? What stands out? Do you taste a particular mint or is it just a “cool” feeling? We need more info if anyone is going to be able to assist you with your endeavor. :blush:


It is a cool feeling without taste and i do not cough ( like i do after ws23 and koolada- and seems like its not their two mints)
on the fruit part, kind of smell like frozen raspberries, kind of, its not an obvious taste/ smell.

i bought raspberries from TFA, FA, Arte Italiano and no, they didnt use those (even so i tried to make a fresh juice with them and creme the menthe but at 3 days after i was cooking it, the smell was gone, i used a high percentage more than 15% and the taste was gone no matter what).

its hard to describe it.
I am trying to make my own juices but all i can get- a good taste from time to time- and the same coil/cotton for 2-3 days in raw.

with Cool Raspberry i have to change the cotton after 1- 1.5 days, but doesnt matter because i love this juice


I do not see the light anymore!


Wait, are you actually heating it like you’re cooking it?! If so DON’T. If not, again, DON’T!

If you’re referring to steeping, I understand.

Have you tried Extreme Ice (FW)? It has a slight, sort of wintergreen scent but not so much a flavor. Also, have you tried Raspberry Sweet (TPA)? It’s one of my favorite raspberry flavors.

If you’re going as high as 15% that may be your problem. Try to do small single flavor tests, starting with low percentage (≈1%) and gradually increasing the amount with each flavor (separately). Make note of when you can taste it, when it tastes best, when it’s too strong, etc. That’s the best way for you to be able to adjust your flavor percentages to your preference.

Until you do that, you’re going to have some trouble, I think.

I can give you a suggested recipe:

Raspberry sweet (TPA) 4.00%
Raspberry v2 (CAP) 2.00%
Juicy lemon (CAP) 1.00%
Extreme Ice (FW) 0.50% (or koolada)

Try this and let me know how it works for you.


Steeping. I’am not heating anything although i did put a bottle with opaque eliquid in warm water but it remain opaque and i didnt vape it in the end


Thank you very much, next time i will order flavors i will do this juice!- its complicated, i order the flavors once at 3-4 months from UK

what i have now are these - see below- and looking at your percentage i guess i am completely wrong because all of them i am using at 15%, only the menth at 6-8%

Honeydew Melon - Capella
Golden Pineapple - Capella
Sweet Watermelon - Capella
Juicy Orange - Capella
Dragon Fruit - Capella
Orange Mango with Stevia
Concord Grape with Stevia
Grape - Capella
Creme de Menthe - TFA

as I said before i stopped buying raspberries and strawberries because i dont make their aromas to last or to be stronger- at 15% - probably here i was very wrong.

can you think of a recipe with the above flavors?

have a wonderful day


Golden Pineapple 4.00%
Juicy orange 3.00%
Orange mango with stevia 2.00%
Creme de Menthe 1.00%

If it’s not strong enough, add a half percent more (of each) at a time. I would let it steep in a cool dark place, with the lid on tight, for say 2 or 3 days?

Orange and pineapple go well together. Mango (though I don’t like it myself) is a complimentary flavor and it has sweetener in it.

You may just need to add 0.50-1.00% sweetener to your mixes to bring out your flavors. Some of them may just need a hint of citrus. Try to add a couple of drops of that orange mango with stevia to one of the failed ones, see what that does.

You may have used a concentrate that just has a tendency to make the solution cloudy. It happens sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it. I have a particular orange concentrate that does that… If I remember correctly, I think it’s Juicy Orange CAP, which is in your list!

One last thing: in some (most) cases, 15% is just WAY too much! One other thing you could try is to separate what you’ve mixed at 15% into two bottles and dilute them 50/50 with unflavored base solution.

You may find you’re better off using half the amount you’re currently using…?


Another recipe to try:

Sweet watermelon 4.00%
Honeydew melon 2.00%
Dragon fruit 2.00%
Grape (not stevia) 1.00%
Creme de Menthe 1.00%

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thank you very much, it’s 4am right now, tomorrow i will make them both and come back
have a wonderful sunny day!


I hope you enjoy them! As I said, you may need to add a little more, but don’t do that until after you’ve tried it, as is, okay?

That’s about where I typically start, percentage-wise, with all of my recipes. Taste test, then adjust, as necessary.

You can always add more. You can’t subtract, once it’s been added, you know?

When you order your flavors, I’d recommend you also pick up Super Sweet CAP. You won’t need it for everything, but sometimes a hint of sweetener does wonders! There are other sweeteners out there, of course but SS CAP is my go-to.

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I just looked at your stash… For the first recipe I gave you, you can sub the Lemon-Lime for the Juicy Lemon with no ill effects…and use either menthol or WS-23 in place of the Extreme Ice.


Raspberry Sweet (TPA) 4.00%
Raspberry v2 (CAP) 2.00%
Lemon-Lime (CAP) 1.00%
Menthol or WS-23 0.50%

I’ve never tasted the Liqua Cool Raspberry you’re trying to clone but I can maybe point you in the right direction, percentage-wise, as I’ve been trying to do.

If anyone else wants to weigh in or has any thoughts that might help, please do! I’m not trying to solo this, ya’ll, lol.

Here’s another you can try, based on what you have listed in your stash:

Raspberry Sweet (TPA) 4.00%
Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 2.00%
Strawberry (INW) 1.00%
Lemon-Lime (CAP) 1.50%
Menthol (Vapable) or WS-23 0.50-1.00%
Sweetener (TPA) 0.5-1.00%

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i can not, but i have a on topic question here.
Raspberry Sweet (TPA) and Raspberry v2 (CAP).
i just haappen to maake a juice with these, but i have mostly the v2 with a dash of the sweet. can you explain why you have your % as you do ? thanx


For the recipe I listed the two raspberries in, I listed sweet higher because there is no added sweetener and it’ll help take the place of the sweetener. Also they are a little low because there are two of them. Combined they equal 6% raspberry.

I hope I answered your question. :blush:

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it did. thank you


Sure thing! :blush:

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