Liquid Barn and One Stop

I don’t know if anyone had asked this yet?
Liquid Barn and One Stop DIY has just been added to my local suppliers stock… Any advice on must have/avoid flavours from them… ?

Don’t know if these will assist? :+1:

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Can’t see much on One Stop…am sure there will be somebody who can assist though :blush:

creams are very good vbic fresh cream and cream i havent bought from them in a while so notnsure if they have anything new from liquid barn

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You may get an idea if you go to the flavor list at the receipt site and search for OSDIY and LB, that way you’ll see what is most used and liked.

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Liquid Barn has some fantastic creams, bakeries and tobaccos. Their rootbeer is pretty good too as is coke freeze. I wasnt too fond of their fruits but that may be a result of using medicine flower fruits, kind of hard to want to use any others after using them.

Now this is just me but i didnt like their Dew-a-like or their Cherry blossom tea. To be fair i dont like anyones Dew-a-like, they all make me cough, and i dont much care for florals, their Cherry Blossom Tea is quite floral.

Dont forget to use the discount code found on the resource page.

Hope that helps.


Anyone tried Liquid barn’s Coconut Milk, Been trying to make a Coquito type mix on and off for a while, but never found the right coconut for it and noticed they do a Coconut Milk concentrate, which sounds perfect if it tastes like the real thing?

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I have never had real coconut milk but i do have LB’s, nice and lightly sweet, creamy coconut milk. It does require some curing time, 2-4 weeks, as it does taste a bit like coconut oil for the first couple weeks. For mixes i use it in the 2-2.5% range.


LB’s Coconut Milk is more coconut than milk to me. It does not a good steep.

@Storm_Crow Those reviews should help you out on LB as for OSDIYS here are some favorites


Thanks both, will give it ago and order some soon andmaybe add some Flavourart Condensed Milk if needed, alongside the other ingredients I have been experimenting with previously.

Thanks everyone… I spoiled myself by trying Medicine Flower as well…lol…thanks for the input…I’ll make some notes and put them to use when ordering…

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I’m sorta faithful to my few supplies and don’t use either of them.

The OSDIY blue slush flavor is supposed to be amazing, as is the lucky shot. I haven’t tried either. I do have the southern sweet tea and it’s one of the best tea flavors I’ve tried.

I picked up lucky shot… Its a very sweet toffee/caramel… I mixed it a little to high did a shake and vape… It’s definitely going to find a home in my toolbox…but I need to figure out how to use it best and at what %…

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The lucky shot, lotta latte and baked cinnamon roll are all good. I didn’t like the cinnamon smoothie, too much like a red hot cinnamon. The lotta latte mixed 50/50 with lucky shot is amazing. I add a bit of cream cheese icing to the BCR for a little extra something.

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Did you ever find a good % for Lucky Shot? I just ordered that and Blue Note and was hoping for a good % to sf test them. Any advice would be appreciated. thx

I did my SF test at 12.5% based on the info I found on the recipe side of the site:

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 8.9% (Median: 10%)
Single flavor recommendations: 4
Average quantity: 12.5% (Median: 15.0%)

thanks. I will try them @ 12.5%. I thought 15% might be a little high.
appreciate the quick response.