Liquid Barn Base 2.4

I have some Liquid Barn Base 24mg salts. We usually vape at 10-12% freebase, mostly MTL.
My question is how do I calculate bringing the 24mg down to 12mg.
I am somewhat familiar with the calculator mixing % by weight and successfully managed to add freebase to 0%. But the Liquid Barn Base throws me off.
Thank you.

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Short answer would be cut it in half but if ya to adjust it differently there are other calcs mentioned here that help w/ that. The site lists that as a 50/50 so if ya enter that as your raw ingredients the calc will give ya weights to use.

Then when ya mix using the base use the “vape-ready nicotine base”. You are limited to 50/50 +pg/vg of flavorings using bases like that tho.


You don’t really need a calculator for that :wink: 12mg is 50% of 24mg, so for 30ml finished e-liquid, you use 15ml nicotine base.


Thank you.


Thank you for taking the time to figure this out.