Liquid barn flavors not labeled for warning ingredients

Usually if you are about to use a flavor with Acetoin, Acatyl Propionyl, or Diacetyl. there is a little warning sign. I just wanted to mention that these warning signs don’t occur with any liquid barn flavors, even if they do contain these chemicals. 9 of their flavors contain acetoin and acatyl propionyl, which can convert into diacatyl. Here is a list of all of the flavors that contain it, they do show it on their website… way at the bottom. All the flavors are good too that have it, but i dont like to vape diacetyl. Here is a link to the liquid barn test faq.


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You mean on the main recipe site?

You guys are fast. I didn’t get around to updating the database for warnings on LB.

The warning signs should be there now! :smile:

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Thank you for the fast change! :smiley: