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Liquid Barn Updates and Deals


Hi all! This thread was created to serve as a place to get up to date news on all of our products and any deals/discount codes we have going on. It is also a place you can talk to us directly with any questions you might have.

Our first bit of news is that we’ve returned a seasonal favorite back to our lineup of flavors: White Chocolate Peppermint! Thanks to the great response from DIY communities like this one, we’re pleased to make it available again and hope you enjoy!

Try it out:


Good to see you around these parts again. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t this thread be in the Vendor category? @Ken_O_Where @JoJo @daath


White chocolate! Yummy!

Does anyone know if there is a current coupon code for Liquid Barn?

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For 15% off use discount code: ELRECIPES


Done! Thanks!

And good to see you, @LiquidBarn!


Welcome to the group! Pull up a chair and have a vape :wink:


Anyone from @LiquidBarn around? Id love to have a chat for a minute or three.


Don’t know, but ironically I was just emailing a response back to the response I just recieved from them.

Mentioned you looking for them


Thank you. I just wanted to give them a big Thank You but i no longer know who to contact over there.


Hey @Ken_O_Where We’re here. Were you able to get in touch with someone at LB? If not, we can chat here. :slight_smile:


What percent do you recommend for single flavor and in a mix with other flavors?


Hey @Chrispdx We put the suggested percentage right on the bottle to make it easy. These are single flavor percentages. When you’re mixing with other flavors, that really depends on what your recipe, what you’re mixing it with, if its intended to be an accent flavor or the main component. If you have something specific in mind, I can send that over to our R&D department and maybe they will be able to assist you with some specific flavor notes.


If i may ask, what kind of devices are used to establish the single flavor %s? I ask because i have not used any of the flavorings anywhere near 12%. I can see these kind of %s being used on lower powered devices, something a newer mixer might use.

Take Vanilla Ice Cream for example, the most bestest VIC ever. I use it from 1-5% and last time i mixes it as a single flavor i thought to myself that i might drop it down to 4-4.5%.

EDIT TO ADD: And please dont think that i am questioning the %s, but knowing their starting point helps us determine ours. Of course there are 40 hundred other things that influence this decision but all information is valuable.


I could not imagine using these flavors at 12% unless I was using a pen device at a high nic or something. I couldn’t see using it at 12% sub ohming at all. I totally agree with your percentages on VIC and it is one of the best flavors that they carry for sure!


That is exactly what i was thinking, a basic pen style vape. When we did tests on their flavorings most of our %s were near half or less the suggested but we are a little more advanced in out vaping style than newer folks.

VIC is in my top 10 favorite flavorings, i pretty much love all their cream flavorings. With that said. @LiquidBarn, if you folks ever consider making a custard can you please load it up with lots of diketones? I would love that! hehe


Ohhh yummy! I bet they could make a great vanilla pudding as well :wink:


Yes please, LB!


We have been receiving the same type of feedback about our flavor percentages as the ones brought up here. After we nail a flavor that gets approved for release, we have internal blind tests at different percentages. We then formulate the top three percentages in a final 0mg mix and send them out for external testing as well. Then we take an average of all the feedback and suggest it at that percentage. There have been certain flavors, usually seasonal ones, that we don’t have enough time to send out for external testing, but those are exceptions. We have received this type of question enough to where I think it warrants a re-evaluation for the suggested percentages of our current flavors. I’d be more than happy to keep this group updated as we do that. And if anyone is interested, we can probably include a few in the external testing segment.


One request. Please don’t dilute the flavors to match the %'s on the bottles/website!! lol
We appreciate being able to use them at the lowest percentage possible!

I’m most definitely interested in participating should the chance arise! And if not, I would definitely recommend/nominate @MysticRose, @Ken_O_Where, and @Amy2 for their skillful insights and reviewing abilities (there are others quite qualified as well, but these are off the cuff).