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Liquid Barn Updates and Deals


What’s wrong with cough syrup? If you want that commercial juice taste, cough syrup is the extract you need in your arsenal.


Another vendor with a sense of humor? o0



i quit commercial juice years ago ill pass lol


Commercial juice ?


I’d like to give a shout out to @LiquidBarn here and say thank you for the outstanding customer service I received during the last sale (Memorial Weekend), as well as the follow up. Wish that lots more vendors would take note and apply it to their services.

I’ll add the story otherwise it might not make any sense.

I normally get my LB flavors from other vendors, but that particular vendor didn’t carry lava cake and were out of stock on the vanilla ice cream (2oz). So I decided to place my order directly with Liquid Barn, especially with the rebate during that weekend.

I placed my order last minute, Monday evening around 9 pm pst, thinking that my order won’t be processed till at least friday or the upcoming monday. Tuesday I got a email stating that a new order has been added to my account, listing two samples; coconut milk (15ml) and strawberry cheesecake (15ml) for free and to be included with my regular order.

Wednesday morning I got a shipping confirmation and the package arrived on Friday. Unfortunately my package contained 4x flavors but all are 15ml. I messaged the customer service and pointed out that I ordered 2 oz bottles of the flavors and that sadly I’ve got shipped the regular size.

I assumed I would get a scripted response as in, we’re sorry let us give you some store credit or refund the balance. But nope, I got a response 10 minutes after sending the email, stating that they are very sorry for the mess up and would send out the correct size. Around 20 minutes after that I get a shipping conformation, and i’m not sure if they express mailed it, but arrived yesterday morning (monday).

For some people that might be normal but let me tell you, having dealt with a lot of companies not only vape related, this is more than just normal. A reason why I like to give that shout out. Once again thank you, liquid barn for the service provided and it’s defiantly not my last purchase.

One thing I would like to mark, that flat rate shipping you guys have going on your web page is horrible, maybe somebody can look into that. It shouldn’t start at $5 for 1 bottle regardless of size and then add 50 -75 cents with every additional bottle. I could understand that if we are talking 500ml bottles here and I also understand you guys have free shipping but not everybody want to order a specific amount all the time. Paying for shipping isn’t even a bad thing, but maybe start at $3.50? lol


LB has one of the best costumer service I have seen. They trust their costumers and believe that they are honest.

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The shipping is the only thing that keeps me from ordering direct, i do on rare occasion tho. Right now im in the need of some Vanilla Mint and no reseller that i can find has it. I dont need anything else so i cant get the free shipping. 5 bucks to ship a $7 bottle of flavoring just isnt going to happen so i will wait until someone else sells the flavor. I very much appreciate LB for sending me the bottle, gratis, as well as all the other stuff.

I ordered from another vendor last week, 4X15ml bottles and it was $3, what i am ordering from you is the same volume and is $5 and goes up very quickly added just a bit more. Love youz guys, LB, but that shipping is kinda painful on a tight budget.


Ummm hello. You could order a gallon of icecream lb. lol.


Know the feeling , I usually wait until I got enough to order to get free shipping then order…


It would certainly get used! hehe.


Hey everyone. Just popping in to share some content from the live DIY mixing competition that was held in Vegas. Major props to Flavorah for putting this together!

There were two mixing competitions. One was a “live mixing competition” and the other was a “bring your own mix competition”. We will be making these 2 flavors available for a limited time for anyone that’s interested in trying them. Starting with the bring your own mix winner: Rick Heggie AKA Concrete River.
Read more here https://www.liquidbarn.com/pages/vapexpo

Mixing Competition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFXepnBRrfI
Interview with Concrete River https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkJhu0BNYi4

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