Liquid for Voopoo Drag 2

I just bought the Voopoo Drag 2 today. The guy at my local vape shop told me I could only use Max VG juice. Is this true? I noticed the flavor is not as good as what I’m used to.

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Haha, that would depend a lot more on your atomizer than the mods. With the right atomizer, then yes you can go max VG, as you can on more or less any mod (exclude pod systems). These sales guys will say anything to sell products, so dont listen too much to such people in vape shop say. Honestly, i never really been to that many vape shops, but i heard from others that they say all kind of silly things and very wrong things as well.

Flavor would most of all also depend on the atomizer rather than the mod, but can be due to your wattage setting. There can be minor differences on that matter related to the mod due to ramp up time or unstable/flickering wattage delivery, but i doubt that cause the lack of flavor that you notice.


Nope. You could easily use 30pg/70vg or 20/80…if it came with the maat tank


Right now, I’m using the UFORCE T2 sub-ohm tank with the 0.4 ohm U2 dual coil that came with the kit.

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I wouldn’t use a max VG juice for Sub Ohm tank. As you said initially, the flavor is not as good, you’ll get dry hits more, and that could wreck your coil sooner.

as @Chrispdx said, use 70:30, it’s gonna be fine. And as @Ronni said, that’s straight up bad salesmanship.


They other day when I was in a vape shop, I asked for fancy SS coils for my DNA device, saying I only do TC. He told me SS sucks for TC (which he might have had a point with so far), I should go nickel which “all of his customers” do. Nickel is so much better. He can’t get stainless for the moment but his shop is full of Ni80.

I said wait… you talking about Nichrome or Nickel? Ni80, nickel he said.
So I told him Ni80, or nichrome, is a nickel containing alloy, it’s not the same as nickel (Ni200) and it doesn’t work for TC at all.
His reply: “Says who? all my customers would say otherwise”
I just turned my back and walked out.

Those same guys are praised on Google reviews for their knowledge and time they spend on their customers. Sure, if you walk in, you wait for hours listening them talk about “that other shop, I won’t call any names, they’re full of bullshit, just want to sell their products and make money”.

I fall victim to generalisation here but, they’re all the same. I trust none anymore :smile:


Haha “Says who? all my customers would say otherwise”… ok i will walk now and not be included in “all my customers” then :smiley:

Also, i am in general against someone (specially one who sells) stating “(something) sucks”, specially in this case. As one who work in a vape shop they should guide rather than try to “dictate”, by that i mean that they should tell the true pros and cons that the products they are selling have, but god forbid that, it would require they educated themselves :smiley:

But… most of them are salesmen.


It depends a bit on the climate you live in, but generally speaking I would not go thicker than a 70/30 VG/PG in a moderate climate on a T2 tank, even a 60/40 works great.
The colder it gets, you can even add more PG. Max VG in that tank would only be required in very hot temperatures or you’re going to get a lot of dry hits and spoil your coils.


Dont forget if the shop is trying to sell their max vg juice it will probably be 70 30 or at most 80 20.