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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


Where, or with whom, is your nicotine sourced?

Example: NicSelect, sold by Nicotine River, is sourced from Alchem International.

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None that i have seen, each time they have posted to the DIY sub it is taken down as they are not on the verified vendors list.

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I would expect nothing less…forum rules are there for a reason. :smirk:

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Our nicotine is NicSelect. We are also working to release a platinum grade nicotine that will be different from what Alchem produces. We have a little of the platinum grade in stock if anyone is interested!


Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers

So we have been in business for a little over 3 years. We built our business on a business to business(B2B) model. About a year ago we have expanded our business by also offering business to consumer (B2C) products. We realized that we were missing out by not offering products to the ever growing DIY market.

Even though we have been in business for 3 years, we are new to this style of advertising. There was a slight learning curve on how to properly post on forums and how to get to be verified vendors. I have emailed the mods from the DIY forum several times asking how to get verified, and they told me someone that is actively posting on the site would be able to add us on the list.

If anyone has any pointers on proper forum etiquette or how to expand our reach, please let us know. We are learning as we go.

We know the quality of our products will speak for themselves and we are hoping people will write reviews after they try it. We are offering discount codes in hopes of getting people off ELR to give us a try and give us honest reviews.

But seriously, any pointers would be much appreciated!



Ok, sorry! Thanks daath!


We are looking to carry Capella’s, Flavor Art, and Flavor Apprentice. If you have any flavors you would recommend let us know!


In the past the DIY sub has posted a thread asking the people if they have had any experience with the vendor and then decided if they would be included. Since then there has been a change in the modship and i dont know how they do things anymore. I post there from time to time but since this forum opened i havent been active, on the DIY sub, much.

Those flavor manufacturers are a great place to start at the same time a LOT of vendors carry them.

Best of luck to you!

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Thank you for being transparent in your answer to my question.

So, platinum grade nicotine… can you tell us a little about that product?

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INAWERA (INA) is a must IMO. Also, Medicine Flower (AKA: MF) would be appreciated by quite a few, especially if you could fulfill a segment of the market that remains untouched thus far, which is the $5-$6 price-point. The current offerings for MF are generally around $20, which is beyond affordability for many, even though their products are Very highly regarded among those that have tried them, and even taking into account that they are some of the most potent on the market! (We’re talking decimal point percentages up to 1%, and once in awhile 1.5% usage.) So while there is inherent value in that initial $20 outlay (from a customer perspective) that would last eons, it would facilitate more customer purchases, if you were able to offer a lower price-point (for say: 5-7ml option) at the $5-$6 range!
I’m in the group that’s dying to try their products, but I can’t justify doing so, given the amount of stock that I’d be committing to in an untested flavor (it’s almost the equivalent of buying a 2-4oz bottle of Flavorah or Inawera, price-wise, that you’ve never taste tested). Not nearly as many people are willing to do that, so there’s a huge market segment available, that’s still not being served.

Also, if I may be so bold, I would like to kindly request for your consideration of using glass containers for your flavorings. It prevents leeching (which is especially important for stronger flavorings).

Thank You for choosing to take an active role and interacting with our community. We place a high value on those vendors and manufacturers who choose to do so.


Or at least offer it as an option for those that prefer it. I don’t do well with glass bottles and prefer plastic. I to the best of my knowledge haven’t had any problems with leaching flavors.

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Thank you guys for the input! We have been in contact with several flavor companies and are working to have them all up and running by the end of the year! We are looking into offering glass droppers and PET bottles for all of them.

Thanks Everyone!

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Sweet, now if you keep the prices down to earth and be realistic with the larger sizes not price them to match the other companies you’ll make a killing on volume alone.


We are looking to keep the prices down on all of our products. We want to have the best quality at the best price. We are looking to become the Walmart of DIY E-Liquid supplies instead of over charging on small sales.

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We are offering another coupon code for November!


Coupon code: Nov20

Enjoy :slight_smile:



We now offer 3 types of pure nicotine!

Nicselect, BGP, and Platinum Ice

We are currently only selling these in the 99.9% Pure form, but we are looking into expanding these into our diluted 100mg and less products.


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I’ve tried the Nicselect and found it to be a nice product.

Unless I missed it somewhere on your site, there isn’t any info about BGP or Platinum Ice. Can you expound a bit on those two products?

These (99.9%) would be the BGP and Platinum Ice, I’m assuming?



We are only selling BGP in its pure form, which is about 990mg/mL.

We are able to do the Platinum Ice on custom orders from 1mg/mL to 100mg/mL just like our NicSelect Nicotine.
We also are now selling pure NicSelect and the Platinum Ice in 990mg/mL concentrations.

BGP is a very large company that makes nicotine just like Alchem does.

I hope this answers all your questions!

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Hey guys,

All orders made before 2:00pm MST M-F ship on the same day. All orders placed after 2:00pm will ship on the next business day.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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