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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers


Anyone try these guys? Wanting to know if they are safe to order from?


ive never bought from them , but they did send out VG samples awhile back also ive heard some people talk about using them , not much assurance sorry


I haven’t purchased from them personally, however, there is this little nugget of info which you might want to know:

I have sampled Nicselect directly from Alchem… it’s good stuff. There are quite a few threads on ELR specifically referring to LNW. Good luck on your quest. :grinning:


Awesome… I will dig around those! Thank you!


I have and wasn’t very happy. The nicotine was a dark pinkish color when it arrived and it was very very harsh. I bought a 100 mg bottle and i had to dump it because it gave me a headache, even after diluting it down They may have improved the quality since then. I bought about 6 months ago give or take.Personally, i would never buy it again. I recently tried HILIQ"S nicotine and its the cleanest nic that ive tried. I bought it during their black Friday sale to utilize the free shipping. Otherwise i buy my nic from nic river.


Thank you very much!


Yes, they have excellent Nicotine Salts at a really good price. They have some good concentrates too although they are expensive due to needing high percentages in a recipe. They are a reliable company and I have yet to have a problem with them.

Using TFA/TPA Concentrates and has no flavor

I think you got the salts, they are a bit different and stronger but they should have zero taste in your mix.


Thanks BB!


When a company/vendor purges pure nicotine out of the storage tank with nitrogen (specifically), the nicotine might/could take on a pinkish color. As far as why it might have given you a headache… no clue? I’ve never run into that issue before.

Did you titrate that particular nicotine for Nic level (mg/ml) concentration? :thinking:

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Maybe, I dont know but it was very harsh. If so, they should have labeled it that way. It gave me a bad headache.

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No i tossed it, but on my next order at nic river im going to buy one.


Good move on the titration kit! :sunglasses: Most of the time, the vendor gets the mg/ml on the nose. But, I have run into a couple of batches from various vendors that were slightly higher than the 100mg/ml which I purchased from them. If you have the tools at your disposal, it’s always best to check for accuracy.


If I mix their nic salts at 6% and sub-ohm vape it, I get a headache and a bit woozy, like I could faint. I keep it around 2mg and under as it seems to do what 6mg would using regular nic and maybe a bit higher than 6mg.


I’ve done a couple orders with LNW. The 100ml of100mg regular nicotine I ordered from them had the pinkish color too but it vaped just fine. I’ve also ordered their 100ml of 100mg nic salts and it was great. I have some nic salts from NR that I haven’t tested yet but I’ll chime in with a comparison when I do. Both orders got to me quick and shipping was reasonable too.

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Where can you get the stuff to test it?


I’m thinking 1.5 is what I will need. It’s brain blast at 3


I got my titration kit through Wizard Labs. IMO, any company selling nicotine should also offer a titration kit. :smirk: …just kinda seems like the responsible thing to do.


You are absolutely right! But will it work on the salt form as well?


:thinking: …that’s a question for customer service personnel, somewhere like LNW, Wizard Labs, Nicotine River, Nude Nicotine, etc. seeing as how I have not used a Nic Salt base; probably won’t ever. Personally, I really don’t feel the need to go that route on Nic usage.

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