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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


Do you ship international?


We currently only ship inside of the USA. We are working hard to open up our shipping borders and ship internationally. Check back with us in a month or so!


Will do, nice one :thumbsup:


We are adding TFA and Cappella Flavor concentrates to our site!!

Which flavors would you guys like us to sell??!!

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Our sale is still on for the 1 Liter of 100mg Nicotine Base! — $39.99 — Coupon Code: ELR100

We are now offering FREE Shipping on all our e-liquids too!


Your offer is such a good one, I hope many of the ELR crew takes advantage of it. As far as flavor brands go you can get a good idea what everyone is using by sorting the flavor list by recipes http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors?sort=num_recipes&direction=desc
that will give you an idea of the brands and approximate amount to get in stock.

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When will the flavors show up? If I needed nic I would def try you guys out but I’m still sitting on around 1400ml of 100mg nic lol So maybe around christmas… Stay active here and you will get good business we are a close and loyal group if you sell good product and good prices we will buy


Thanks Cosmic! I will look into that today!

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Jayrell, we should have the flavorings in stock and built on our website before the end of the month. We are going to order all of our flavors and bottles at the end of the week, and we are going to have our web developer start making the products next week.


We are thinking of doing a large giveaway for our USA made VG. We have had a couple questions come in about it.

Would anyone want us to do that? We would be able to send out about 100 60mL VG samples.

Let me know!


Absolutely! I’d be interested in it!


One can never have too much VG!


I just messaged Lars, so this hopefully will be happening today!!

But I had to change 1 thing…

We are going to do free 120 bottles instead :grinning:


Your website is awesome btw :+1:

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Thanks Grubby!

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Thank you to everyone that participated in our VG Giveaway!

We pulled our lists together, and most people that entered made it!

We will be sending the VG out today, as well as confirmation emails!

Thanks guys! We hope to do this again soon!!


We have been working hard on re-vamping our website, and we are in the process of adding 60mL E-Liquid Bottles!!

Also, we received our first order of 30 flavors of TFA also!!

Flavor concentrates will be up on the site in the next week or so!!!


No … Thank YOU


We have had a ton of requests for a sale on our smaller quantities of 100mg Nicotine

So here it is!!

120mL of our 100mg/mL Premium Unflavored Nicotine for only $9.99!!
Coupon Code: NICSALE



We already got a dozen orders from this deal! Thanks guys!