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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


Got my VG today… THANK YOU @LiquidNicotineW


I’m glad it got there safe! Let me know how your mixing goes!

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Received my VG today Thank so so much. @LiquidNicotineW

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When does the sale end ?


I’m you got it! Let me know what you think about it!

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I haven’t put an end date on this deal.

I will try and keep it alive for the rest of the month!


120mL 100mg/mL Nicotine for $9.99 - The title says it all! Good deal on our premium nicotine.

Coupon code: NICSALE

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers


We have already had over 15 people take advantage of this deal! Thanks guys!


I would to if you only shipped to europe.


I second that :smile:


We are working on a solution for that as we speak! We are thinking of adding international Flat Rate Boxes to our checkouts!

The only issue is that the shipping rates would be between $20-$30 for 60mL up to 2 liters.

Would that still be something you guys would be interested in?


Yes, that’s standard pricing for shipping from the US.


It’s $14 for a gallon of VG within the states, so $20-30 sounds like a good deal for international. But I thought you can’t put anything over 48mg on a plane because it’s haz mat?


I am looking into the hazmat part! I will let you know as soon as we hear something back!

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I think @MysticRose might be right about the strength that can be shipped. With TPD coming into effect here in May that could really fuck things up completely. Unless you can think of a way around that, if you do you’ll have quite a few customers from here.

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Thanks for the heads up guys!!

We just heard back that we are able to ship up to 48mg/mL, nothing over 48 though so no 60mg or 100mg.

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As of today, we are able to take INTERNATIONAL ORDERS for every product except 60mg/mL and 100mg/mL!!!

So we can ship worldwide, and it is already enabled on our site!!

Please make sure to check your local laws before you order!


Thank you to the handful on new international customers that gave us a chance yesterday and today!!

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What other deals would you guys like us to run?! Let me know what we can do to improve your DIY experience with us!


I just checked and international shipping for 2 liters of VG is $68.95?
That’s a big difference from the $20-$30 you promised?