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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


I would love to see the Christmas special you ran on liters again.


That seems alot higher than it should be. PM me your address and let me check it on my end.


Dave0, what sale was it?


so, i just purchased nic from you guys the other day (first time buyer). when it arrived it was 7 months old and was light pink. i thought this was strange, but at the same time thought no wonder the sale. guess i have to keep in mind when buying maybe i should buy in small amounts cause of the fact it could be 7 plus months old already. is that pink color from oxidisation? because i thought it read colorless(could be wrong about that, but pretty sure it did)… sorry if this has been anwered havent read everything before my post…

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wow meant. oxidation not oxidisation oops


btw it does NOT say colorless corrected myself



All of our products are blended on the date it is ordered.

So your nicotine was as fresh as it could possibly be.


We have found that usually nicotine oxidizes to a brownish rust color, but if it contains less impurities it will oxidize to a pinkish red color.
The color doesn’t have any effect on the quality of the nicotine, but there is a huge difference in oxidation from the smallest changes in impurities.


blended meaning that you added pg to it? but technically the nic was older because, will for one it was discolored correct?


and yes i understand that you buy in bulk to save money and the nic wont be sold within a week.


We order pure nicotine once a month, it comes in 1 liter bottles that are nitrogen sealed.

The nicotine is then mixed for each order that day, and we purge the pure nicotine with nitrogen again.

So all that being said, the oxidation process started on the day you ordered your nicotine.

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Do you ship to New York.? I tried to order and there isn’t any shipping options.


Robin, we ship to NY. You need to put your entire address on the checkout page for the shipping options to populate.

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Good luck with your business hope everything goes well for you


ok thanks. Ill try again.


Our first batch of flavor concentrates are up and live on the site!!

Let us know which new flavors we should add!


15 ml at 1.79 nice. TFA


LNW… your cappuccino ejuice is awesome. hard to find a good cappuccino.


We wanted to come in with the lowest prices possible! We are looking to add a ton of more flavors soon also!

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