Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!

Keep me posted! The more feedback the better we can be!

I ordered my nic with same deal. 120mL 100mg/mL PG base. So far everything I’ve mixed tastes amazing @ 3%. I had a flavor missing from last order and it was promptly sent out along with some extras I wasn’t expecting. Great customer service. Tnx LNW :heart:

Thanks for the kind words! I’m really glad you liked your purchase!

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Hey ELR!

We are adding over 30 Flavor Concentrates to the site today!!

Also, here is a coupon code for 15% off EVERYTHING!
Coupon Code: ELRECIPES


Might I suggest having more size options to your extracts? 15ml or 4oz is too big a jump. I usually purchase my standard flavorings in 60ml bottles. Occasionally I will purchase a 4oz with a couple of particular ones but not often and I never buy 15ml sizes. This lack of options is the only thing keeping me from trying you guys out. I compared a 4oz flavor with my usual supplier and after the elr discount and cheaper shipping, you guys came out with a better price by over $3.00. That’s great for my large bottle purchases but for 90% of what I need, it means buying more often or looking for a bigger house to store all this stuff in.

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That is a great idea! We will look into adding more sizes to our site!!

Thank you for your input! If you, or anyone else, notices something we can
be doing better, please let us know!

Our goal is to help you all have a better DIY shopping experience!

We are going to be adding 2oz sizes to all of our flavor concentrates! We should have these up on the site by the end of the month!

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Great news. I did order a few 4oz from you this past weekend and see that they should be here tomorrow. That’s pretty good processing and shipping times. Now…just add more flavors to your catalog :grinning:

We just added more flavors! Check out our new selection!

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Placed my first order, 5 TFA 15ml flavors and got one free.
Price and shipping cost nice, and they came in glass bottles.
I have some 15ml glass droppers and a nice supply of pipettes.
Packaged especially well. Nice attention to details. Lot #, born date, etc.
Very fast shipping to my location.

Finished my tests, and the flavors are ‘spot-on’ for me.

See they added more flavors since I ordered, so will be adding
more to my stash.

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Thank you for the great feedback!

We have been working on some our of own flavor blends and mixtures. We find that in order to get the best flavors of certain fruits and desserts you need to blend multiple flavor companies flavors together.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on purchasing custom blends compared to purchasing all of the flavors individually.

I see that. Received my order in almost no time at all. I’m impressed. Good job LNW!

How about you do a test run and offer some free samples for review? It’s what works best around here. There are quite a few mixers here that do an awesome job at reviewing flavors.

That is a great idea! I will see if we can do a giveaway next week!

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We just added 21 of our best LNW Flavor Concentrates to the site!

We are offering 40% Off for a limited time to see what you guys think about them!

Coupon Code: LNWFlavors


Thanks for the discount!
I’m looking forward to trying out your flavors:
Caramel Mocha
Orange Cream
Rainbow Sherbet
It should be interesting and with the discount it came to $1.97 per 15 ml flavor (plus shipping) which is pretty darn good.

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Let us know what you think! We shipped your order out today!


are your LNW flavor concentrates made to replicate your premade ejuices or are your premade ejuices a combination of several different concentrates?

Great question!

Our pre-made juices are combinations of our flavor concentrates.

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