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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers - New Lower Prices!


We keep getting emailed this question, so I just wanted to post this here!

All LNW Flavor Concentrates are diketone FREE!


Our 100mg/mL - 120mL Sale is BACK!

120mL - 100mg/mL for $9.99 - Coupon Code:NICSALE


I’m going to start mixing testers of the flavors I got from you but I didn’t see any recommendations for what percentage of flavor to use. What is the suggested percentage to use in a single flavor mix?


We recommend 5%-20% depending on the flavor.

Personally, I prefer a ton of flavor and mix at 20%.


Once you get a chance to mix, let me know what you think!


Cool, I’ll let you know my thoughts


Thank you!


We decided to extend our LNW Flavor Concentrate SALE!!

Save 40% OFF with coupon code: LNWFLAVORS


The 40% looks appealing, but I would recommend a description with each flavor, and possibly a % starting point.


That is a great idea! We are working on getting all of the flavor descriptions up. Most people are using between 5%- 10% flavoring.


I mean absolutely no disrespect, just curious…are your flavors remixed TFA, FW, CAP, etc. ? What sets your product apart from the others?


Pap, no disrespect taken!

Our flavors are blends from TFA, FW, CAP, FA, RF and several other smaller flavoring companies that we have discovered over the years.

Each of our flavor concentrates contains 5 or more different flavors and are combined in percentages that we have been working on for months and that we really enjoy.

What makes us different is that you can just buy 1 single flavor from us, instead of buying 5-10 flavors from other companies just to make the same end product.


Great! I need to try your flavors. If things work out, (and I’m sure it will) I will get you as much positive exposure on the ELR site as possible.

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We would really appreciate that!


Are your single flavors like blueberry, grape, orange cream, etc. also from other flavor companies?


All of our flavors are combinations and blends. All of our LNW Flavor concentrates are blends of at least 5 different flavor concentrates.



Check out our new prices on VG!

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Great price but I noticed it says…

not only does it meet USP standards

Going to assume this means it is indeed not USP Verified?


This VG is USP Certified.

Thanks for asking, I will have my content guys look into the wording on the product description.

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