Hey all good to be here
I was wondering if anyone can reccommend a good liquorice flavor.
Black or red i guess. I saw a few but wouldnt know wich is good.
Also theres a candy called boston chews that has liquorice in it…f anyone heard of that id be grateful also for a good recipie for that.
Would really appreciate some suggestions and feedback if anyone has.

This one is excellent :+1:

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I was a little dissatisfied with the licorice flavours out there they were not exactly what I wanted so I made my own.


Wow thank you all!!!


I am a Licorice/ Liqourice addict
and probs begin with spelling

any way to make those spellings synonyms while searching the forum?

Liquorice DV

  • too expensive @ 20% herbal mix no real licorice

BlackCurrant Licorice (Blends) (FA UK)

  • nice adv @5%

Red Licorice - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice

nice for mixing but no real licorice

Vape Train Australia (VTA)

Just tested the Black Liquorice SF @5 % with 2 weeks steeping.
Nice authentic one and not too sweet.
9/10 from a liquorice addict.

Spearmint Liquorice (Solubarome)

gets 4****/5 @ 8%

Licorice, Black - Flavor West

will be tested soon

Ouzo from Atmos is one of my all time favs…
any recipes or thoughts about Anethole as an aroma



A new one fy

Aroma Regaliz Negro 10ml by OIL4VAP

9*of10 @6% (4%Nic 50/50) 12 weeks
how2 enter in database?

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Here’s one that to me has a very strong red licorice vibe to it. Wife really likes it. It’s like a mix of the earthy ‘sourness’ or ‘bitterness’ of a wine with the red licorice candy. Doesn’t remind me of their own description at all, but of course, YMMV.


Regaliz Negro (Oil4Vap)

Looking down the flavors section on the recipe side of things… Looks like most people drop the “Aroma” part of the name when entering the flavor in the data base. :thinking:


thx and sry
h2add? or where

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Just go to your flavor stash and add as above mentioned. :wink:

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