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Hey all good to be here
I was wondering if anyone can reccommend a good liquorice flavor.
Black or red i guess. I saw a few but wouldnt know wich is good.
Also theres a candy called boston chews that has liquorice in it…f anyone heard of that id be grateful also for a good recipie for that.
Would really appreciate some suggestions and feedback if anyone has.

This one is excellent :+1:

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I was a little dissatisfied with the licorice flavours out there they were not exactly what I wanted so I made my own.


Wow thank you all!!!


I am a Licorice/ Liqourice addict
and probs begin with spelling

any way to make those spellings synonyms while searching the forum?

Liquorice DV

  • too expensive @ 20% herbal mix no real licorice

BlackCurrant Licorice (Blends) (FA UK)

  • nice adv @5%

Red Licorice - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice

nice for mixing but no real licorice

Vape Train Australia (VTA)

Just tested the Black Liquorice SF @5 % with 2 weeks steeping.
Nice authentic one and not too sweet.
9/10 from a liquorice addict.

Spearmint Liquorice (Solubarome)

gets 4****/5 @ 8%

Licorice, Black - Flavor West

will be tested soon

Ouzo from Atmos is one of my all time favs…
any recipes or thoughts about Anethole as an aroma