List of MSDS sheets

I just noticed flavor west is only listed with each flavor, I emailed them to see if they had a sorted list with all the SDSs listed but for now just click the flavor then look at the far bottom right side for a link to that MSDS. Their COA sheets contain no real information.


Thanks @CosmicTruth for all the work!


I dropped FA a email and they sent this:

Here is the link and you can also find this info on the product page.

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So I think it might be a good idea to check the current MSDS on each product page as the dropbox link here may be static information.


This Dropbox link has FW sds not FA.


First of all, thank you for this awesome list. I am a fairly new DIYer (1 week old) and the info provided is invaluable in making an educated decision.

Second, I wish all companies were as transparent as TFA. Until the rest of the manufacturers shape up, I’ll be buying only TFA products.

Incomplete or nonexistent sds

Take for example Capella. Just went through the list of their flavors and picked one. Bavarian cream. If you compare the US-sds with EU-sds, you will find some inconsistencies in “trade secrets” labelling. Good thing someone screwed up and the line that in the US ver reads “Other components below reportable levels” , the EU ver lists the component (with classification Acute Tox. 2;H310) and has placed PG at the bottom of the list, labeled “Other components below reportable levels” but at 80-90%.

If you look at section 16 of the same document, it says “H310 Fatal in contact with skin”.

WTF?? So everyone who added Bavarian cream in their liquids inhaled a “secret” that is fatal if it comes in contact with skin? Scary stuff.



Hmph. No edit. Sorry, my first post

The last statement that read “So everyone who added Bavarian cream…”
should be “So everyone who added (CAP)Bavarian cream…”


Do you have the MSDS for:
Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple 100ml
Shijin Vapor Pixy Chilled Sour Apple 100ml


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Those look like prepared E-Juice, the MSDS sheets shown here are for the flavors used to make E-Juice. If you can get a list of the flavors used for those recipes (doubtful) you MIGHT be able to find a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that covers those ingredients.