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List of MSDS sheets


I’m attempting to compile a list of MSDS or SDS or COA for the popular brands, so far I only have a fue and am wondering if you know of more URL’s or flavor companies I should go after.
any help would be appreciated, I’ll edit this list with your help to try and keep it current.

Material Safety Data Sheets (COA/SDS or MSDS) or safety information for some flavors:
Capella Flavors
FlavorArt sorted by Country

Liquid Barn
Mt Baker Vapor
OneOnOne Flavors
The Perfumers Apprentice
Vampire Vape
Wonder Flavours

Flavours Containing Sugar
List of concentrate ingredients
Inawera SDS or/and MSDS?
Calculation error?
Looking for Data for a project

Here’s two companies for max. VG flavors (PG free):
Real Flavors – http://www.realflavors.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=NEW
RF site may need to specify PG, VG and Alcohol contents and MSDS sheets.
Vaping Zone – https://www.vapingzone.com/product-list.php?sort-by-name-asc.html
The above site may be Alcohol based flavors, appears to have no indication of AL base.


Perhaps these fellas can help? Flavour Master List and Ethyl Alcohol Warning


Thanks @Brotherbob Real Flavors looks like one of the companies who do not supply a list of MSDS for all their flavors, I think their individual flavors may each have safety information with them.
@worm1 the ethyl alcohol warning page don’t have manufacturer names and the flavor master list looks overwhelming :slight_smile:
I’ll look through tho and see if there is some information on any of those vendors


Flavourart MSDS


I have that one


Sry, I didnt mean the threads but rather those compiling those lists have the links to msds


The flavor master list has many many many flavor producers, but many don’t have MSDS. I contacted Inw and some others and was told if I wanted an MSDS i have to tell them what flavor and they would send me individual sheets :astonished:


I think I got what I could and many seem incomplete
Needed is COA or Certificate of Analysis, along with SDS or Safety Data Sheets and/or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets. I hope these help somewhat, and if there is data missing I hope you contact the vendor and get more information. IMO we deserve to know what we are putting in our e-liquid and making it as safe as possible.


Nicriver has many msds sheets for inw and other flavours they stock which may or may not help you out


Yours are reports for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, I gave you full msds, it is different. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vanpire Vape SDS


At the very least, we should know the base/carrier for the flavor, like PG.VG,AL or other percentages. If the flavor industry would minimally police (uniformity) itself, perhaps Big Brother reduce it’s “some” of it’s bureaucratic whining.


Here you can find diketone info and COA/SDS/MSDS links for 50+ most popular brands. I hope you find some more and share the info. Let’s make it better and more transparent.


I believe this belongs here to really get into it.

The HOLE… Actually it looks like part of Flavor Manufacturers Rabbit Holes.

No joke if your seriously wondering why a flavor might give “YOU” the scent of Urine or why the Banana has more Peal then Banana. You might find some correlation in this database if you can match them to the Flavor ingredients of the Flavors you’re using.

It’s more detailed and more descriptive then most people are use to seeing or at least what Ive seen posted. Way cool links, > "if it’s your thing"


Odor Type Listing

Search for Name, CAS, EINECS, FEMA, FLAVIS
Search for JECFA
Search for Odor (Odour)
Search for Name within name


Been trying to figure out why I don’t get anything tropical or any fruit at all from my Ace Pazzo (FA) And I bumped into this. Maybe review these links?

The FlavorWest sorted by Country links to the good FlavorArts Docs

And the FlavorArt links to a ftp directory structure thats a lil confusing to someone who aint hip.

Thanks for this again been very helpful.


The ftp directory contains all the daap testing on FA Flavours


The first link is all the msds sheets - an excellent find - I have grabbed em all if anyone would like a zip file of all of them lmk I will zip it and put it in my drop box.


Here are the FA msds - not sure if it is a full list of ALL FA or not but there are 506 all up so I think it may well be all flavours inc non vapeable flavours

looks like it has a few of their mixed e-liquids as well.


This thread deserves to be in #e-liquids:flavors with a big fat pin

Does anyone have anything on Flavor West? I’m even getting a couple 404’s on the MSDS sheets in the flavor database (e.g. creme de menthe)


I see there is a little error there, trying to correct now