Little help is needed

Just need a recommendation for an Herbaceous flavour ? Or how can i give my liquid a hint of herbaceous feeling!!


Cam blend from fa smells like incense, @Ramez . Or if you want flower like, hibiscus capella, horehound tfa, rose fa. To go extreme, coffee kona tfa

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You could google search herb flavors like basil :
And I’m sure other herbs will give you results aswell.
The other option is to over use a flavor that isn’t meant to give you a ‘herb’ taste like for example

If you use this lemon at high % it will give you serious herb offnotes.
These are my flavornotes on it used at 10% :
SNV: rozemary flavor, herbal spice, not real lemon, knuckle test sour real lemon
After 2 weeks: still spice flavors but not lemon
More testing required, 10% way too much?
3 weeks: same as before, needs diluting
Offcourse this will lead to excessive use of aromas and might drag the rest of the recipe down, so better use a herb flavor as is then using this method IMHO.


Was it Fa Zen garden which is a bit like tomato plant and oregano?
Other than that, SolubArome has lots of actual herbs. I use their thyme and lime as a useful note in my tarragon/anise juice, which I should do a batch of soon.
Basil flavorah is quite nice with fruits, with a little black pepper flavour art on top of that’s your thing, easiest one is melons where, here again, flavorah shines with the cantaloupe and wild melons combo.


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Any flavor in particular?
Could visit: