Little taste, importance of steeping

So I got some new concentrates and made a couple of 20 ml bottles as you do. I use a 85%vg 15%pg ready made Base mix. I put flavours at 25% in a 20ml so 15ml Base 5ml flavours…
Very bland, can’t make out flavours if there is any. Citrus flavours so should be strong.
Does steeping make that much difference so it really gives your taste buds a tingle with flavour? I used a little sweetener too… Just do not get the intense fkavouring like a comercial liquid

Sometimes too much flavoring makes a mix flat. 25% is a little on the high side, but it all depends on the mix. Can you post what it is you are actually mixing? May help you get a better answer


Sure it was actually 20% I mixed flavour at got mixed up… So 20ml bottle
16ml Base
2ml citrus Punch
1ml lemon ii
0.5ml florida Key Lime
0.5 kiwi
Then 3 drops of FW sweetener

Yes steeping matters.

That being said. What flavor companies are you working with? Cap inw etc? Please also put some in percents. I’m smart just not math smart. Overall 25 or 20% may be too high and over flavored.

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20 ml bottle
2 ml = 10%
1 ml = 5%
0.5 = 2.5%



All my concentrates are flavour West, flavour art and flavour apprentice. % are as stated from josephine. What kind of % range should the flavours be in? Obviously mine is currently at 20% to bring my premixed Base from 85vg/15pg to 65/35

Ok first things first. Premixed base is a PITA, flavor brand is very important you have three different flavor companies and didn’t say who made what. As far as telling you what percent to mix what at the recipe side has a database with flavor notes and what others mix flavors at, so personally the first thing I would do is put all of my flavor concentrate in my stash, then read the notes on the flavors, then I would order separate pg and vg. So I’m not having to put in more of this or that’s to get my preferred ratio.


I don’t actually think the precentages are to bad. But i’m guessing this will need to steep 1 week minimum up to 2 weeks

2 examples containing citrus punch from which i derived at my conclusion that the percentages aren’t super crazy. These say 1 week steep but i find that on the low side

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What @Cutlass92 said…


% on its own say nothing. If you’re going to use the average FA flavor at 10%, I can almost guarantee that your flavor is going to be muted. Bring it back to 2-3% and you’re going to be fine again. Obviously this is no fixed rule, there are stronger and weaker flavor concentrates but that’s what flavor notes on the site are for and why people need to learn to do proper flavor testing since flavor is so subjective to taste buds and the equipment that is used.

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Yes I fully agree I appreciate all the feed back, I’ve purchased separate vg and pg to steer away from pita pre mixed Base I think it will be alot easier and trustworthy to get mix ratios more on point like cutglass mentioned. I had a look at the recommended % of my concentrates and they are alot lower than 10%