Little things in life that make you laugh

My 3yo just brought me her touch and teach elephant, while I’m watching a movie
and said

needs batteries !

I took the toy and I responded , I need a screwdriver.

She quickly said

here it is

and handed me the small flat head screwdriver I need for battery door and 2 batteries…


Sounds like someone has you all figured out. Good on her!


yea I just laughed and changed her batteries.

yesterday went to help the pastor with a floor … and she played her little game of pretending to splash the pastor…and said I got you wet…

pastor responded with “you cant get me wet you don’t have any water”

today while loading up the tools to go help the pastor again… she got her water gun and filed it up with water… and said " I got water for Les"

we called the pastor and told him lil’ bit had a surprise for him so he would be outside when we got there
and as you can guess she splashed the pastor with the water gun when we saw him…
along with mommy and me…

little ones can be funny if you let them be themselves


Yes they can. When my son was about 4 or 5 there was a comeback in sexually transmitted diseases around here and there were billboards all over the place advising people to get checked, preventive measures etc etc. One day we were in the car and I mentioned:
“Athos’ (the dog) has some nasty farts”
Son: “that’s nothing. You know what’s really nasty? Syphilis!”

Apparently he had been reading all the billboards and made sense of some of them.

I thought he was a genius.


He’s not wrong there. I think he must be a genius too.


She makes me laugh every day


ahaha poor dog lol