LIVE: Hartland Public Hearing: Coordination with the FDA

Received via email: second link is a live stream of the hearing.

Yesterday I had the honor of testifying against the FDA during a hearing that’s part of a new and unique effort to repeal these corrupt deeming regulations.

Watch the testimony here:

I was preceded by Azim (fighting FDA via lawsuits) and followed by Bill Godshall, who was in the movie. Jeff Stier (chaired our NYC premiere) testified on Friday night.

If you missed my LIVE broadcast on the #ABillionLives Facebook page, I explained a bit about the Coordination process. This little known law has been used 10+ times in various industries to get Big Government agencies to coordinate with small governments (like Hartland, WI) who are affected by things like the FDA Deeming Regulations.

The hearing continues today and I invite you to watch it. This is one of the first times educated people familiar with the industry are making LIVE public testimony on this topic.

Watch today’s hearing here:

Finally, we took 10% of our VHX sales from Thursday, Friday, & Saturday last week to support EVCA and the work Mark & Linda are doing. Not only did Mark & Linda bring this hearing together, but they also helped bring some big dogs like Senator Johnson to our North American Premiere.

They deserve support.

I will also be donating 10% of all VHX sales today and tomorrow to support them. You can watch it for as little as $3.49.

The remaining 90% of sales will continue to go to paying back expenses for making/marketing A Billion Lives and supporting our media advocacy efforts. Since we’re not Disney or Warner Brothers, piracy does hurt us quite a bit.

Thanks for the support and have a great weekend!

Aaron Biebert
Director (A Billion Lives)


Past live streams of the hearing are archived on their channel:


It is a very good hearing :+1: