Local Vape Shop advertising

My midwest US city of about 600K population has about 6 vape shops. I have not been to one in 2 years since I went DIY. Mostly they have remained invisible, no advertising. But recently 2 of them have started with ads in print and radio. Their ads are all focused on “stop smoking.”

We have a weekly full page JULL ad in the newspaper. I wonder if the locals are piggybacking on that campaign?


We have a couple shops that use radio ads but are careful to not mention smoking at all.


Maybe, but why not? For the shops to stay alive they need more customers to stop in and hand over their money.

Not saying bnm prices are always fair but they do fill a need getting people into vaping.


I don’t think i would have made the switch if the only vape gear around was online. The shop I went to helped a lot. I still buy batteries, cotton, Cleito tanks and coils for my wife, and get feedback on some of my mixes there. Got a couple of RDAs there, too.


Same here @Plunderdrum. I mean, I started out buying soley online with bridgless Ego attys, but was growing ever tired of the issues with them (510), all-day dripping, and the Ego batts. Luckily I stopped into a shop with a beyond decent owner, who actually asked questions, LISTENED to the client(s), and prescribed as close to what they needed, with what he stocked. And that, is where I learned of the Steam Crave v.1.