Long stem on e-pipe makes the vape harsh?

Taking this topic out of the Hand check thread to avoid too much off topic talk there.

This beautiful Smok Guardian e-pipe was a Christmas gift from my niece and nephew. They thought i needed a wizard pipe.

I have 2 different stems for it, the long one on this pic is 20cm / 8 inches. I’m using it with a Triton mini tank for MTL with a variation of Custard King

I’ve just reduced the RY4 double by 1% and replaced the Vanilla with CAP Vanilla Custard V1 and mixed it 60/40 PG/VG.

The problem with this setup is that the vape becomes really harsh with the long stem. The shorter one is slightly better and with a 510 drip tip it is perfectly normal, throat hit is as expected.
I’ve also tried it with an Aspire K1 clone which uses the same coils as the K1. It’s pretty much the same problem, maybe not so extreme.

It has been suggested to make sure the stem is clean and reduce flavor percentage. I will also try a mix i made with 70% VG but it only has 3mg of nic so I’m not sure if that will give me a clear result. Cleaning the stem is a pita but I’m on it although i think it was pretty clean when i got it.

Any more ideas or suggestions? Please throw in whatever you’re thinking!


Never vaped on any tip/stem that long but I would assume all that distance would make the vape harsh based on my experience smoking other things in various ways when I was younger. Taller water pipes, longer steamrollers, etc were always more harsh than shorter ones.


What wattage / coil do you use with your pipe?

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The triton has a 1.8Ohm clapton which runs on 12-15 watts and the K1 clone runs on 9.5 watts on 1.7Ohms. It’s all fine with a short drip tip.


I have found that if you try to MTL with a sub ohm tank with the airflow at a minimum it also produces a very harsh vape. It could be the lack of air, the vapour is more condensed causing it to be a harsher vape, does the extension have airflow?

If your willing to try it, maybe use a straw, with some holes in?

Oh the triton mini is not really a sub ohm tank. It’s my favorite mtl tank of the ones I’ve tried. I’ve been using it for over a year now.

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Sorry for the confusion, i understand the Triton is not a sub ohm, i was just stating that when i tried to MTL with a sub ohm i also encountered a harsh vape and it could be lack of air

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Yeah i had a few similar experiences before i found what works for me. The airflow is not different from when i use the triton on a normal mod with a 510 drip tip. There is no air getting sucked in where it shouldn’t either. This weekend I’ll have some time for testing. First i want to try a high VG mix or at least 50/50. I don’t have any of the 1.2 Ohm coils for the triton at the moment so i can’t try these unless they are back in stock in my local shop.

You might have issues with wicking with anything over 60VG.

Have you tried dropping the power and taking longer draws?

Tried my 70%VG 3mg liquid today and it is much better. It’s hard to judge at the moment because I have a flu/cold kinda thingy so anything I inhale feels a bit harsh. Not even dry hits at the moment, i thought that might happen with the high VG in the Triton mini but it’s OK so far…

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If you have large wicking holes you should be fine, I used 70vg on kangertech SSOCC’s and it wicked perfectly


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