Long term nicotine storage

I have been really scared of Canada following suiting the ban of flavours and soon the ban of the sale of nicotine other than to commercial companies anyway I have been buying alot o nicotine like 120mls every 2 weeks for a couple months now…I know about the freezer and I also know about the use of argon spray to keep oxidation out and the amber glass bottles leave room for expansion and contraction but what I want to know is is there any more reason for me to continue the madness its getting really expensive and all you from the states seem to still be able to get nicotine arent you? So what is this all about anyway? Do I need to continue to buy nic like a hoarder? How are you getting by?


No one knows what will happen. There is a range of preparedness among the people here. Only you can determine how prepared you should be.


I don’t know what you heard about “all us in the states”. We’re no different than anyone else. But quite a few of us knew in advance what was coming and took steps procuring nicotine before the hammer dropped with the pricing and shipping bullshit.

Whether you want to continue hoarding is your choice.


OUTSTANDING @ladycrooks.

That depends on YOU @ladycrooks, YOUR burn rate, and your need to be secure. I think only you can answer that.

Well not really, and not lately, except for a very FEW options, that are also expensive.

Some of us, prepped up pretty hard, prior to the recent bans. Some others of us, had already pre-prepped before that. I did BOTH, and have countless gallons on argon, deep frozen. The expense was OFFSET by my desire to be secure, and self reliant (and for my customers as well hehe).


Sorry @TorturedZen didn’t see your post until I repeat posted it.

@ladycrooks at the RISK of causing you to spend more money, I’d lean on the side of caution (I did this myself, AND at substantial expense), to go heavier, rather than lighter. Protect your investment, JUST like you mentioned in your OP.


I have seen some posts and it is expensive but I think some of us not all are getting Nic still and they are kicking themselves in the arse for not prepping.

For me, it is about feeling secure in the fact that I have enough to last as long as the siege.

I prepped…

I was gonna say not but then I did the math; 120 ml every 2 weeks for a couple of months. I will assume a couple of months means two. That means you purchased 5 in my estimation. 120 x 5 = 600ml is about half of a liter.

So do you make for others? How much do you yourself vape?

For me, I purchase 2 liters of 250mg Nic. 1 liter of 100mg will last me about 2 yrs so I figure I’m good.

Good Luck and I hope you find your happy medium


@Dan_the_Man I remembered, we were almost screaming at people to stock up !!!


Oooorah @Dan_the_Man.


I kept reading and hearing on the news about proposed flavor bans and mail bans. And I also heard about companies from ppl like @Wombatred26 that alot not all but alot of companies were told not to sell raw nicotine to anyone other than wholesalers. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t physically hear these things. Im not making them up @TorturedZen. I don’t even know if they are true that’s the whole point of my post.and what’s this regulators watch on YouTube? Nothing just there for fun??


Nothing wrong with paying attention @ladycrooks. That’s why when you asked if you should stop stocking up, I said no. Better safe than sorry.


Is it true though? I was also asking if you guys have to search for nicotine and some shops won’t sell to anyone but wholesale? Or is that not true? I also am not trying to throw anyone under the bus or slander I just remember @wombatred telling me that some stores not all aren’t selling to anyone not wholesale


Most won’t sell to individuals ONLINE without the PACT act authorization stuff or wholesalers, also with their, maybe certification is the word im looking for…?

There are a few that will still sell online for “non-vaping” usage, like pest control, toothpick infuzing, or lozenge making. Not listing them here.

Also there are a few who still allow in-person pick-ups.


ok now I understand but you can still get your nicotine from some right? Im going to have to look up this pact act. I keep hearing about it. Im not in the states but we like to follow your government here in canada. Ours can’t think for themselves. Lol. Ive been buying nic like a crazy cuz im so worried I got to find out whats going on or im going to have alot of wasted $


Don’t consider it wasted, it’s an investment!


true but I need to get argon spray and amber bottles and get this stuff in the freezer.