Look at this crap!

Someone started a BS petition on Change.org

They sent me this email asking me to sign it and I am not sure why…I guess because I am a member of Change.org?

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I just flagged it as inappropriate and said that they have no evidence to back up their claims among some other things, hopefully they won’t send me anything like this again.


Can’t check it out not a member!

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Petitioning DC City Council

Protect DC kids from e-cigarette products

Escape the Vape

E-cigarette use, or “vaping,” is on the rise among high school students. Did you know 13% of high school students report having tried e-cigarettes? These devices may not smell like smoke, but they’re being made by big tobacco companies. With flavors like bubble gum and cotton candy, they’re appealing to our youth. And they all are filled with some combination of toxic chemicals including nicotine. Nicotine exposure at an early age has been scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of long term smoking and addiction and affect brain development. Furthermore, poison control centers have seen liquid nicotine poison calls increase tenfold from 2011 to 2014.

Despite the known damaging effects of chemicals in e-cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration as well as the District of Columbia have yet to regulate e-cigarettes: there is currently nothing to stop a 15 year old in DC from buying bubblegum flavored e-cigarettes loaded with nicotine.

We demand that the DC City Council take action and protect our youth. Tell the City Council that Big Tobacco should not be selling their nicotine to our kids.


how do you flag it? I wanna do the same…


At the very bottom they have a “flag as inappropriate” link in red…it’s under all of the comments

I flagged it as totally inaccurate spam.


Thank you!!!

Funny, we can easily see this for the crock of crap that it is, but to a vast number of population who get their “truth” from a mind control device made by HP, Apple, Samsung or LG, the story is exposure of a great injustice in our society and economy. Nevermind if it’s a crock of lies, the point is not to tell the truth here, the goal is to program a large percentage of population to “think” the story is true and that e-cigarettes are a dangerous thing.


I flagged as spam and noted this reason. I think you can only comment if you support the cause… which I don’t.

Ecig danger is truly a false rumor. I agree kids shouldn’t vape. Kids will do a number of things that they shouldn’t. Parents should be more aware of what kids are doing. Please get your facts straight about Ecigs. They helped millions quit smoking. If you ban Ecigs then your kids will be trying tobacco just as I did as a kid. Please do your research and verify your facts.


I flagged as Spam as well. Said it was totally inaccurate and quite frankly a pack of lies…

Edit: The more I think about it I feel I should have asked which Tobacco Company or Pharma Company do you work for?


I was thinking the same!!


Flagged as spam


I flagged it SPAM