Look what you made me do!

I just thought you all wanted to see what you made me do. Now I can proudly presents my vape gear ( no boxes ) . Now my hubby is happy @vaping_tom


Sure blame us !!! I own a Vape Shop and you have more personal equipment than I do. Yes, we hear you…lol


Very nice! I have my things positioned around the house in strategical locations and the rest is just lost like last years Easter eggs.:sleepy:


Ooooo, Easter Egg Hunt at @BoyHowdy house…


Great family photo. :wink: Which atty is your favorite? Which mod?


I thank you all, It got me of cigarettes and I actually stopped drinking and biting my nails all at the same time…Thanx to vaping and mixing and yes i have a great hobby now to keep me busy :grinning: now I have to make a new stand , we actually have some more…


The thing is that when I first found this wonderful site we were just started vaping ( maby a month in) and I had a evic vt and a kangertech mini, and Sonja had an ijust2 kit. By becoming a part of this, reading others posts and starting diy, vaping became more than just a thing to keep us off the stinkies(and a few other bad habits)… It became a lifestyle!! Just wanted to thank all you wonderful people :grinning: and show you what you’ve made us do!! :wink::+1:


Thanx… I grab the noise cricket when I’m busy, just for one or two hits. Rx200 when I go out but if and the SMPL meck-tube when I’m tasting my mixes. The xcube 2 is a bit to big in my hand so I don’t use it so muck. :wink:I just love to have the possibility of mix n’match :grinning:


Right?? Terrible influences, the lot of 'em. :wink: I was perfectly happy with my 1-2 flavor juice and my eGo and protank until I found this place. Then I realized I really wasn’t perfectly happy with it and I’ll never be perfectly happy with any set up ever again because someone around here always has something I want!! LOL. In all seriousness, I agree with you 100%. Vaping has gone from something I do to something I love, and it’s all cuz these guys.


So true Jojo! I just love it :grinning:


nice display , I was thinking of something on that line. Very nice

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I vote this the coolest sentence on ELR forum ever.


Very nice display. I’m gonna need something like that soon myself.
i just started vaping in august. Havent had a stinkie since day 1! Never thought I could ever quit.
It has become a hobby and lifestyle for me as well. Started DIY’ng after only 2 weeks of vaping and always buying new toys.
I’m enjoying my new addiction :blush:


Great to hear buddy :grinning::+1:
The display is just a 2 by 4 and some cheap spray paint :wink: I used 8 mm drill to make the holes for the positive pin. Now as you Dan see I need another one so I might Kusturica stack 2 toobyfours on top of each other so they stand together.

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