Looking for a certain flavor: white gourd

i’m looking for a certain flavor…The winter melon, also called ash gourd, white gourd, winter gourd, tallow gourd.
i havent had any luck, but maybe someone out there can help.
i dont want an e-juice, i want the flavor, so i can make my own…
any and all help is appreciated.

Never heard of it…friend at ECX hasn’t either. Any more info that would help?

um, uh, its popular in southeast asia…not sure what else to say, lol

wow. never even heard of that…

Is this what your looking for bro?



the great white gourd…

we have found it!!! <<<angelic singing>>>

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I’m actually looking for a symbol of vapism.

New flavor to try? Where?

Winter melon. Is the flavour i was refering to. The link is to a wholesale vendor. No use to us as it’s large volume, just using it for reference.

OK… thanks!

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